Sunpower P3 vs QCells?

Geelong, Victoria.

Hi guys
We have been looking to install German engineered panels and got some quotes. One of them is either the best or too good to be true.

System Size: 6.6 kW
20 x 330W QCELLS Mono Tier 1 High-Efficiency Panels
1 x 5.0 kW Fronius Smart Inverter (Wi-Fi In-Built) 1-Phase

· Installation by Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers
· Standard Wiring, Mountings, & Stainless Brackets
· Administration & Grid Connection Paperwork + Approval from (Power Distributor) for the Installation.

Cost of system & installation :$6500

Rebate amount - (paid directly to the solar provider)- $1850
Interest-free loan amount - paid to the solar provider. Loan amount to be repaid by the householder over 4 years)-1850 Up-front cost to householder ** 2800**

• 25 Year Panel Performance Warranty
• 12 Year Panel Product Warranty
• 10 Year Installation Workmanship Warranty
• 5 + 5 Year Inverter Product Warranty

The next nearest quote on similar product is as follows:


What is your opinion on these quotes?

Hi @Mavs

$2800 would appear too good to be true, but we assess the quotes before those additional Vic rebates. $6500 isn’t too good to be true. However, it’s important to know which QCELLS model they are selling here. QCells annoyingly has a lot of models currently available, with vast differences in price.

Option 2 seems pretty reasonably too.

Who are these quotes from? I believe Velocity and Future Friendly are both pretty reputable operators down your way.