Geelong VIC Solar Power

We installed our 4.6 Kw system in Oct 14. The system comprises 18 by Yingli Panda 270 watt YL270C-30b panels, using AC Micro Systems Voc 38.2 and ISC 9.1 Amp in each panel . Emphase M215-60 inverters were used in each panel with the panels being installed over 4 different roof profiles, each with seperate 20 amp WP Isolators.
The system was installed by Geelong based Velocity Solar. Their helpful approach and clear explanation of our options made our decision to progress relatively simple and the installation was seamless.
A monthly output report is provided through Enphase’s Enlighten Program report. The output for 2017/18 was 2.77 Mwh well ahead of the monthly average output projections at the time of installation.
At the time of installation the estimated payback period was six years, the current projection is now five years.


Geelong Solar Installers


Great to hear. Yingli panels are known as a very reliable panel and Enphase is the by far the best micro-inverter manufacturer. Good to hear the local installer was helpful, this is where a lot of people get caught out when they buy the cheapest system from a travelling solar company.