Enphase micro inverter & Hyundai solar panels

This is a reassuring website. I don’t have much idea what’s good or not, only what I’ve found over the past 2 weeks. Please I invite your opinions.

I’m in Central West, NSW. Below is an aerial view of the house (with sun from the north at the top of the page). You can see the proposed panels on the roof.

The following has been recommended:
System size 4.8 kW DC (STC)
Estimated annual production 7,436 kWh

Solar panels 16 × 300W Hyundai Green Energy RG Series - HiA-S300RG 1640 mm × 992 mm · Monocrystalline

16 × Enphase IQ7-60-5-INT · 240 W
1 phase · 97.6% max efficiency
System efficiency 87%

For a Total price of $8,500 AUD (including GST minus STCs). Includes installation and monitoring.

I realise its expensive - most systems have been quoted at between 4 and 5K over the telephone. The cheapest was $1800 (yikes)! But the installer I’m dealing with (who came to the house) gives me confidence. And I realise its a difficult decision for a newbie to make.

Hi @wonderment

That’s great news, and a very good starting point. If someone can make money from installing a system on your roof for $1800, I’ll eat my hat. Especially given what a tricky installation is looks like. With a roof like that, you need micro inverters, so the fact that you are looking at Enphase I think is very good. It costs money to get Enphase inverters, and it will be a tough job for the installer, so I think it’s a reasonable quote.

As for Hyundai panels, they’ve only recently come back to the Australian market. Hard to know what to say about them, but I would imagine that it’s an ok option.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your advice Marty.

It’s a complex system with many roof aspects but overall that is a good price for quality components. Enphase is perfect for this job and Hyundai are a good quality panel.

Making me feel more confident every review! Thanks Svarky.

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Final signed after 6 weeks. Lesson is they are all trying to sell you something. Lesson is string inverters are best. Dollar value for premium v chinese are irrelevant they all have perfirmance warranties of 25yrs +. Get a good inverter. All the different directions complicates things, optimized should help but doubles the cost of each panel, if u have 3 phase you can get a better result from strings in 2 direction only. Try Captain Green (peter) and Natural Solar (alan) they have honest advice, not cheapest. Note different suppliers want to sell you PV only other want ti sell u both PV and battery. I got best quality inverter 10kw and 13.3kw of panel for just under $8.7k

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I was concerned at the start when I saw that you were matching 300 watt solar panels with IQ 7 micro-inverters but checking the specs I see they are only a 60 cell panel. The 300 watt is an excellent choice to pair with IQ7 micro’s. The max output for the IQ7 is 250 watt so the oversized panels will be really efficient. My only question is, why not go for the larger 72 cell panel in the 360 watt range and go with the IQ 7+ generating 45 watts more per micro inverter? You may be able to cut your total panels down by a couple and still have the same power output or possibly more. Just a thought.