Solar Installers Newcastle area

Hi, I have 2 different quotes. Just wondering if you could advise which you think is the best - if either.


  1. 22 x Trina Honey 330 watt Solar Panels
    22 x Enphase IQ7 +3 Micro Inverters
    1 x Enphase 3 phase ECU Monitoring Device
    All Mounting systems and Cabling - Fully installed $9470.00

2) 25 x Q cell Q Peak Duo G6+ 330 watt
1 x SolarEdge HD wave 8kW
25 x SolarEdge P370 Optimisers
1 x SolarEdge 3ph Modbus Meter
Fully Installed $10650.00


Hi @Michelle01

I find those hard to split. I’d prefer QCells for panels and Enphase inverters to be honest. Price seems comparable.

At the end of the day it probably comes down to the installer, which one has better reviews and ratings.

I’d be happy with both systems on paper though.

Hope that helps.


Iq7+ MIcroinverters would better suited to a 350watt panel from my experience. Wouldn’t touch trinas tbh, replace over 600 of them out west in the last 24months. all under 4 years old).

Qcells are good panels, i don’t know if it’s just a sydney thing but usually you over clock your inverter by %30 if roof-space allows it, this maximizes rebates and accounts for any losses in the cabling/orientation. I would go enphase over solar edge with different panels.

The enphase system is far easier to upgrade later. But the chances of that happening are slim.

The solaredge is under utilized in this scenario and your chances of clipping are extremely low.

Clipping is when your inverter can’t use ALL OF THE PEAK energy from the panels. My 6.2kWp of panels gets clipped by my 5kw solaredge when there is that perfect sunny clear day, about once every 6 weeks.

As long as you have the proper alignment to the sun, both of these systems are going to perform pretty much the exact same.

This installed price seems excellent for both systems.

Hi Michelle

Both are very good quotes using high quality equipment. Enphase and SolarEdge are both regarded as great options with individual panel optimisation - This is very good if shading is an issue. (Assuming you have shading issues or a complex roof.)

My personal preference would be Enphase micro-inverters. However, the Q cells G6+ panels are ranked much higher than Trina and have a very good warranty. Plus it’s a larger system.

How much is your average daily consumption? If it’s very high I’d go with the largest system possible