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Hi all.
Very helpful discussion everyone. Shame one has to become a solar expert just to put solar power on. So many different versions from different companies. Below is a summary of my quotes. All are PLO or Micro, all have monitoring, battery ready and are single phase. All come with the usual warranties and installation, etc. Interested in your feedback.
kW size, panels, inverter, price.
8.9, 27 x Jinko Cheetah 330, Solar edge 8kw, $9,819
9.3, 30 X Q Cells Q.PeakG4.1 310, Solar edge 8kw, $10,600
9.3, 30 x Suntech 315, Solar edge 8kw, $10,000
9, 30 x Solahart 300, Solar edge 8kw, $10,950
10.2, 34 x Solar Edge panels 300, Solar edge 8kw, $9,590
10.56, 32 x Jinko Cheetah 330, Solar edge 8kw, $9,590
10.2, 34 x Canadian 300, Enphase-34 x IQ7 micros, $11,190
10.56, 32 x Jinko Cheetah 330, Enphase-32 x IQ7 micros, $11,990

Woh, that’s a lot of quotes, but all quite similar. As always, the company you choose is going to be the most important decision. But in terms of products, I’d lean toward Enphase inverter, and maybe Canadian panels. But also the Solar Edge with QCells looks pretty good too.

It’s really much of a muchness, so I’d be thinking a lot about the best company to go with. You can read this Chapter in the Solar Guide to help decide:

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Thanks Marty

Most companies gave me more than one quote so ended up with quite a few options.

It seems to me that all are a possible option and I think will come down to the company that makes me feel comfortable in my choice.

Bloody confusing though trying to compare apples with oranges.

Thanks again for your feedback

My Personal Choice is Micro over PLO
Because I prefer the AC output then DC
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