Q.Cells | Q.PEAK DUO G5 vs Q.Maxx

Hey guys,
I am in the process of getting quotes for my home here in Perth Australia.
6.6kw of panels with a 5kW Inverter (Easy I was thinking)

To keep this short - I have never found or tried to understand an industry with salespeople and experts in their fields having so many bad things to say about each other and have such a varied opinion on what is the best solution to buy best on value and overall performance.

These are the options that I’m considering -

  1. 20x Sunpower P3 325w with an SMA Inverter (Is the Sunpowers worth the extra $$$)?
  2. 20x Sunpower P3 325w with a Fronius Inverter (Is the Sunpowers worth the extra $$$ and the Fronius inverter)?
  3. 20x Sunpower P3 325w with a Huwawi Inverter (Is the Sunpowers worth the extra $$$ and is the Huawei inverter a risk to go with but it seems to be the latest tech with it being a hybrid)?
    4.20x Qcell Qmax 3300 with an SMA inverter (Mid-range price)
  4. 19x Longi LR6 350M with a Huwawi Inverter (Mid-range price)
  5. 20x Seraphim 330w with SMA inverter (Lower end of the price game)
  6. I have just been told that Jinko are bringing a 370w panel now to the market for consideration.

I have sat with so many reps and had so many discussions I am almost brainwashed with making a final decision. Any guidance would be appreciated.


What suburb are you in in Perth?

That is sad to here. It can get pretty cut throat when you have people making their livelihood trying to outsell someone else, and taking advantage of the confusion due to so many different products. It’s unfortunate.

The quote that appeals to me is the SMA with Qcells, because the inverter is top quality, and panels are good. The Q.maxx I believe are the Chinese made version of their Q.PEAK DUO G5, which is made in Korea. The Qmaxx is a good panel. I’d find it hard to justify paying top dollar for Sunpower personally, I don’t think the premium you are likely needing to pay would be worth the additional performance over the Q.Cells. Plus, Sunpower is in a bit of a transition into splitting the company into two, which creates a bit of uncertainty.

I don’t think that’s a consideration. A high wattage panel doesn’t mean anything about the quality, and little about performance.

Hope that helps

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Hi Marin

I’m located in Greenwood 6024.

Ok, I hope the above info helps. There is an installer on our Perth Installer page in the northern suburbs if you’re thinking about another quote. There are also plenty of other recommended installers if you search the forum for “Perth”.

Thanks Marty for your guidance.

Whats your thoughts on the Huawei inverters?

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Huawei is good. Here is our Huawei review: