Q CELLS Solar Panel review

Been quoted $7000 for system - 7.92 kWDC (STC) 13,139 kWh
24 × 330W Hanwha Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO - Q.PEAK DUO-G5+ 330
1 × SMA SI8.0H · 6000 W only 95.8% max efficiency · System efficiency 3 87%
From the TDS, panels seem OK but inverter doesn’t seem that efficient?
Anyone guide me through this? Make recommendations for adjustments?

Hi Skeast,

The Q.PEAK DUO-G5+ 330W panels are a good choice. See the excerpt about Q Cells from our Best Solar Panel review:

Hanwha Q cells is a well known, high volume panel manufacturer offering a wide range of quality panels for all applications. The latest Q cells G6+ Duo panels are backed by a new 25 year product warranty and improved long term performance warranty with 83% rated output after 25 years.

Q cells offer a very wide range of panels from entry level standard 60 cell panels using reliable mono and polycrystalline cells, to the highly efficient mono PERC Q.Peak Duo range using half-cut cells with 6 bus-bars to achieve up to 19.8% efficiency.

  • Power rating* (W): 270W - 335W
  • Efficiency (%): 17 - 20.2%
  • Price range: Med $$$

However, SMA SI8.0H inverter you listed is an off-grid (battery) inverter, not a solar inverter. There is either a mistake in the quote or the wrong inverter was specified.

The inverter listed should be a SMA Sunny boy 6kW with 97% efficiency.

Thanks for the info. Thoughts on value of system for $7000?

Yes $7000 is a good price for this size system using quality products. Which state are you in.

Feel free to mention the installation company to help others looking for quotes?