Qcell G6+ vs Sunpower P19

Hi guys,

Trying to decide which solar panel to get. Looking at the Qcell G6+ 350W vs the Sunpower Performance P19 325W.

Both good warranties
Both good performance
Qcell made in Korea
Sunpower Performance made in China

Any info would be great

Hi Josh

What’s the price difference that you’ve been quoted. I think that could be a considerable factor.


Hey Marty,

Pretty much same price. $80 difference.
$5999 for the sunpower
$6080 for the qcells.
Both with SMA inverter.

Sunpower has the name but some people say as they are their cheaper product to question them.

If it was the Maxeons I’d be jumping at them.


And yet, value for money, I keep coming back to the Risen Jager panel with sma for $4500. Even the installer is pushing the Risens up againt the G6+. ( he would be the installer for the qcells ).
He says your only paying the extra $1500 for warranty, as performance specs are very similar. Also says the 15year warranty on the Risens, after 15years of advancement most people will probably take down there solar for something newer and improved.

Hi @Joshg

It’s a good question. There’s quite a lot to weigh up, I’m finding it hard to give a clear answer. @Svarky might have stronger thoughts.

I’m a bit off Sunpower atm just because it seems the company is in a bit of a tumultuous phase, but to be honest I don’t have a lot of knowledge of what is happening.

Here’s our recent QCELLS review:

I’d personally prefer to get a panel that I am confident would last 20+ years, rather than count on changing it out after 15. But it is a reasonable argument. There are plenty of early solar adopters in Australia that are already getting systems replaced. It doesn’t sit well with me, but I understand the reasoning.

For what it’s worth, I’d personally be leaning toward the QCELLS.


Hi Marty,

Thanks for replying. Dame installer that does the Risens and Qcell G6 also just sent through a Longi Hi Mox in a 350w lr6-60oph. Any thoughts on them


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