Q Cells vs Jinko

Hoping for advice on choosing between these two quotes:

  1. 16 x Q CELLS Q.MAXX 330W; 1 x ; Enphase Envoy-S Metered 1Ph & 3Ph; 16 x Enphase IQ7+ 290W Micro Inverter. Estimated output: 15.7 kWh/day

  2. 16 × 330W Jinko Solar Cheetah HC - JKM330M-60H; 16 × Enphase IQ7PLUS-72-2-INT · 290 W. Estimated annual production: 6,427 kWh (I guess this means 17.6 kWh/day)

Both estimates are just under $8000. I’ve heard that Q CELLS are better quality, but the Jinko panel quote estimates higher output and the installation company for #2 is well-reviewed and looks to have good customer service.


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Hi @r25 and welcome.

QCells in short. The production estimates are very subjective, and the only reason quite two is higher is because quite one is more conservative in their proposal (which is a good sign). If anything quote 1 would produce more power.

However, reviews are important, so if company 2 does get much better reviews that is a reason to strongly consider them.

Hope that helps.