Sunpower P3 vs Q.Maxx G2 vs Canadian Solar HiKu

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Expensive vs mid range - is it worth the extra money?

Option 1: Panels - Q.Maxx G2 385w - Q.MAXX-G2-385/32 17 x 385 W = 6.545kW
Inverter Type Fronius Primo 5kw - PRIMO-5.0-INT $5,590.00

Option 2: Panels - Q.Maxx G2 385w - Q.MAXX-G2-385/32 17 x 385 W = 6.545kW
Inverter Type Huawei Hybrid 5kw 1ph - SUN2000L-5KTL-L1 $5,106.00

Option 3: Panels - Sunpower P3-320-BLK-Res-MC4 20 x 320 W = 6.40kW
Inverter Type SolarEdge Hybrid 5kw 3ph - SE5K-AUBTEBEU4 $7,106.00

Option 4: Panel Type Canadian 370w - CS3L-370MS/40

Panels x Watts 18 x 370 W

Total Wattage 6.66 kW
Inverter Type SolarEdge Hybrid 5kw 3ph - SE5K-AUBTEBEU4 $6,061.00

The property is located in Perth and there is minimal shading to 4 north-facing panels from the second story

Hi there @LewisR

Looks like you’re weighing up Sunpower and SolarEdge vs Q.Maxx and Huawei/Fronius.

Sunpower and Q CELLS are both in out Best Solar Panels list

Solaredge, Fronius and Huawei are all up there for inverters as well

It really comes down to personal preference, but first off I would take some time to read through our reviews of each of these products.

Whether it’s worth the extra money depends on what you want from your solar system. Essentially you need to find the balance that suits you between Fastest payback period VS Long term performance and quality assurance.

Hope that helps.


Hi Marty

Thanks so much for your reply.

I have poured over the Clean Energy Reviews but sadly my understanding of technical info is limited. The products all seem to have differences that make it hard to extract and compare the important detail.

I am more interested in Long-term performance and quality assurance than fast payback. I would like my money to be well spent.

Another product review site mentions that Fronius is noisy because of the cooling fan. Solaredge sounds like it could be problematic because of the extra optimiser components. Then there’s hybrid vs string inverters.

My Inverter will be located inside a garage.

The panel reviews don’t necessarily delve into the models I’ve been quoted on, ie QMaxx G2 and Sunpower P3 or Canadian Hiku C53L. Once again it’s hard to compare these specific products without specific information.

Your further comment will be very much appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi Lewis

We do talk about all of the specific models in the manufacturer review pages (see below).

I wouldn’t over think it. Regarding inverters - if you’re concerned about the extra components with a SolarEdge, stick to the string inverters. If your Fronius is in the garage the fan shouldn’t bother you. I wouldn’t worry about getting a hybrid inverter. You can get a standard solar inverter and still get batteries later if you want.

Regarding panels, Q.Maxx G2 and Sunpower P3 are both good quality and good value. The Canadian Solar Hiku are fine too. The Sunpower P3 are probably the pick of the bunch though.


Hi Marty

I just wanted to let you know what my final decision is.

I am going with the Fronius Inverter & QMaxx panels. As much as I would have liked the Sunpower panels, they were too expensive and I don’t have the shade issues to warrant the extra cost.

Many thanks for your guidance.



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In terms of raw power, the Sunpower P3 comes out on top, with a maximum output of 1000 watts. The Q.Maxx G2 falls slightly behind at 950 watts, while the Canadian Solar HiKu lags further behind at 900 watts. However, the information of solar panel for homes in Florida at power production management is worth noting that the efficiencies of these panels are very different. The Sunpower P3 is the most efficient panel on the market, with an efficiency of 21.5%. The Q.Maxx G2 is less efficient, at 18.5%, while the Canadian Solar HiKu is the least efficient of the three, at just 16%.