Fronius vs SolarEdge

I have the following quotes and would like your expert opinions.

  1. Solar Edge 20x310w Solar Edge Inverter Optimiser. $6470
  2. 18 Q Cells 350W Fronius Inverter 5. $6910
  3. 18 LG Neon 2 360W Fronius Inverter $8000 or Solar Edge Optimiser $8800

Would value your expertise here…very novice purchaser so want to get it right if at all possible.

Hi Vicky

These are all quality systems, but a couple things needed for clarification. What panels have you been quoted with option 1? Are the Q Cells Q.Peak or Q.MAXX?

Have you got any shading on your roof to consider?


Sorry; further information is.
Option 1. Solar Edge Mono 310W OptimisedSPV310
Option 2; Q cells 350W Q Peak DUO G6+ 350W
Option 3, LG Neon 1C 5N

Yes 5 of the panels will be shaded a little each day.

Our first quote is for 20x330w Risen Mono perc Split cell panels and 5kw Goodwe 02 MPPT inverter. Total of $4000. My husband thinks this one is best as the numbers worth well for payback time . However, I tend to think its too cheap and therefore bottom end? Opinions?

Ah ok, I missed that SolarEdge is doing their own branded panels now. The panels are manufactured by Jinergy in China. There is more about this in our SolarEdge review:

This is a really good panel at a reasonable price. LG Neon is a better panel, but if you are looking for good bang for buck I think Option 2 is a good balance.

I would tend to agree with you. It will probably have the fastest payback time, but is that the key factor? A good quality, high performing system will give a bigger return over a longer time, and remember these systems should last 20-30 years.

For Inverters, I would go with SolarEdge. Being optimised, each panel performs on its own merits and you get panel level monitoring. With a Fronius string inverter, each panel in a string works only as well as the worst performing. SolarEdge Inverter warranty –-12 years, optimisers 25 years. Both parts & labour. Fronious 5 years (P&L) - plus another five (parts only if you register on line). The panels you are looking at are good but, in my opinion, overpriced. I would go for panels like Longi, Canadian, Jinko, JA, Risen or Trina. They are all according to my research, good panels, well supported in Aus and financially strong.

If you want to keep it simple and just choose one of the three options, I think option one is the way to go.

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