Solar Power Adelaide Northeast


I have received three quotes for 6.6kw solar systems and have talked it thru with both companies. I just would like to know if they are both quality systems that will be efficient and maintenance free + would like to know which system would be the best to go with.

one recommends Fronius inverter with Canadian panels $5500
one recommends SolarEdge inverter and SolarEdge panels $8300
one recommends Goodwe inverter with Canadian panels $5800

Hi @dfraser, welcome.

Do you have any shading issues?

Are these all the same size systems? Assuming they are:

Fronius is a much more expensive inverter that Goodwe, so clearly option 1 is better value that option 3 on face value. I don’t think SolarEdge is worth any extra $3k either. So option 1 looks the best value I terms of products.

However, that’s only half the equation, the quality of the installation accounts for the other half. It’s important to ensure you do your research on the companies providing the quotes. Are there any that stand out. Where are you based?



I am in Greenwith SA and have a two story home.All quotes are for a 6.6kw system and no shading on North facing roof.

The SolarEnergy quote is for $8300 using a SolarEdge 300w Mono panel with SolarEdge 5 Optimised Inverter.
The Infinite Energy quote is for a 6.6kw system using Canadian Solar CSL 360w panels and Fronius Primo 5 inverter for $5400

I have also received another 6.6kw budget option quote from SunEnergy using Canadian Solar panels and Goodwe 5 inverter for $5800 installed.

What would recommend as the best value for money and efficiency


Hi Duncan

The Fronius and Canadian is I think clearly the best value on the face of it. So, if Infinite Energy get good reviews that’s what I would be going for.


Thanks for the advice , much appreciated in this complicated world of Solar. One last question would you recommend SunEnergy as a company and installer. They say they don’t use contractors which sounds good to hear. They have given me another quote for a 5.84kw system using 365w Canadian Solar Panels & Fronius 5 inverter fully installed for $5299

Wow, they’ve really come down in price.

I can’t recommend or otherwise. I would just make sure you do your research and look through online reviews before proceeding.