Solar Quote Melbourne | Canadian Solar CS3U-360P and GOODWE 5KW inverter


I have got a quote for 6.48KW system but have no idea if it is good.

$4675 after STC : 18 x 360W Canadian Solar CS3U-360P and GOODWE 5KW inverter.

Canadian panel is just POLY CRYSTALLINE.


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Hi Tony

I just wrote this post which I think will help answer your question.

In short, I think those options are fine, and the price is good. It may be worth asking about a Sungrow or Delta inverter though.

Also, as I always say, getting a good installer is the most important thing.

Let me know if you have any follow ups.


Hello Tony,

The price is too expensive. I got the same system with a price of $3700.


Just comparing system price based on the inverter and panels doesn’t take into account the quality of the installation. Which isn’t that simple to measure. You really have to do your research to ensure you are getting a reputable installation company who takes the time to install the system correctly, and are likely to be responsive if you need them.

In fact, I would be wary of companies that sell systems at very low prices, because those costs have to be cut somewhere.