Sungrow vs Goodwe vs Growatt vs SolaX vs Solis | Best value solar inverters

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A lot of people on our forum want to know if they are getting a good deal with their solar quotes, because most of us don’t have endless money to spend on a solar system. I would generally recommend considering top quality panels, like LG, and inverters like Fronius or Enphase, because they do often work out to be the best option financially in the long run. However, I’d like to answer the question here about what the best “value” solar system is. If you are on a tight budget, and can’t afford to spend a lot upfront, what is the best system to get?

In order to pick the best value inverters, I am going to take the most economic options from our list of best solar inverters.

Best Low Cost Inverters

There are two inverters that stand out to me as pretty good value at the moment and they are Sungrow and Delta. There are a number of top quality inverters that we really like and discuss in detail elsewhere, but they do come at a premium. Sungrow has a reputation as a quality inverter at a reasonable price point, which you can read more about here. Whilst Delta has a really strong history, and solid reputation for reliability.

Other inverters that you may also want to consider at a low price point, which have reportedly had some issues in the past, but seem to be making more reliable inverters with their most recent models are; SolaX, Goodwe and Growatt. Huawei also offer a good inverter, if at a little higher price point. The full list of our best inverters is here:

Don’t skimp on the solar installation

As I always say, the most important factor in getting a solar system, above all else, is making sure you use highly reputable solar company/installer. If a solar system appears very cheap compared to others, you are probably not paying enough for a quality installation. See: Who should I buy solar from.

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