Best low cost solar system

I’ve had numerous quotes and confused on what company to trust.
The latest quote seems a good price but read a few reviews but unsure how long ago it may have been.

1st 20 x 330 watt Astronergy tier 1 mono half cut solar panels + 5kw Solis single phase inverter Wi-Fi $3400

2nd 20x 330watt suntech half cell panels + 5kw smart solar inverter $3491

3rd 20x 33p watt JA solar panels + 5kw good-we inverter $5310

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and been to scared to take the plunge so would like a little help in what way to go cheers

Hi Leah

None of these quotes get me very excited. If you are not confident in any of the companies, that doesn’t sound good. Perhaps try finding a company with really good reviews, get clear on what products you would like, and ask for a quote on them.

Is this a brand of inverter?

You are going for cheaper products it looks like. You might want to have a read of these:

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I’m not looking for cheaper option I’m wanting a company I can trust that isn’t going to fail and dissolve in years to come. I’m in Adelaide and the first quote I ever had was from cool n cosy which was over $10,000 I have had other quotes from numerous companies and they are all around the $4000 - $6000 .
The quotes I have put on here are is
1st sunboost
2nd arisesolar
3rd is origin energy.
I’m new in this and I have researched near on everything I can get through Google but who knows if the stuff you read is true or just what they want you to know. I felt it was best asking someone who may have systems they would recommend.
We spend in excess of $1300 - $1400 per quarter. So I need a system to help bring it down. Before anyone does say it’s an expensive bill we have a lot of animals that require heating cooling and so on.

Good to hear. Well if you read those articles I posted above, that will give you a good idea of the systems we recommend.

Here’s our page on Solar Power in Adelaide, there’s some companies that get good reviews on the web there.

Also, here’s case study one a solar system in Adelaide, installed by Kozco Energy, which the customer was pretty happy with.

Hi Leah
1 You may also look into CEC site / Find an Installer
as some installers do their own sales

2 Further they can tell you more technical things

3 Their overhead is lower so the final price

another way of getting quotes
why not you specify what you want
I would suggest REC Alpha 370w with Fronious
for 6.6kwyou need 18 panels . I had workout the price is around $6000 mark if going through installers
Retailer still selling Mono Perc. which is the P TYPE and relatively cheap because shops are clearing them to make way for new technology is N TYPE CELL TOP CON , and use of Bifacial panels is growing

Yah those quotes sound like they are from smaller retailers/companies…
I wonder where do they manufacture in?

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I would like to recommend premium 370W panels like Seraphim/Jinko with Growatt/Fronius inverter.

It might be too late for this replay, but I can give you advice from my experience. If you want to install low cost solar system, use your local companies. When I was looking for a company, I used Innovate Solar site. I love that the website has a calculator that can help show me how much money I can save by using solar power, how much it costs to install solar panels, and how much money I can keep in the long run. This is what helped me decide to install the panels.