Solar quote Adelaide

Hello - I have received 3 quotes for my unit

  1. 12 x Trina HoneyM TSM-330DD06M White solar panels rated 3.96kw and 1 x SolaX X1 Boost X1-5 inverter 5kw plus 3 x Tigo panel optimisers $7,567 less STC $2250 less disc Total after STC $4,786

  2. 10 x Leapton 370w Mono-LP 158*158-M-66-MH-370w and Growat MIN30000TL-X inverter $3,979 less STC $1680 Price $2,299

  3. 10 x JA Solar JAM60S10-330/PR panels and 1 x Sungrow SG3K-D-10 3kw inverter
    $5590 less STC ($1620) Price $3,890

So there is quite a price variance - I am confused.
Is the 5kw inverter in Qu 1 because there are 12 panels (other 2 quotes are 10 panels and 3kw inverter) Are panel optimisers worth it? Any feedback appreciated

Hi @Willoughby

Have you got shading issues?

No, a 5kW inverter is not required here. A 4kW inverter would be better suited.

It’s quite a mixed that you have here, all quite low cost. Are you after low cost? If so, you might like to read this post:

Thanks @Marty for your feedback.

I think I am leaning towards the 3.7 system with Clipsal, a reputable SA company which includes the Clipsal Pulse which no other competitor has.
There will be 10 x Trina Honey panels, and then I have to decide between Fromius or Sungrow inverter. $4,920 vs $4,100
i.e. extra $800 for Fromius
Both have 10yr warranty. The Clipsal guy said that if it is my ‘for ever’ home, he would go for Fromius. Do you agree?

Hi @Willoughby

Yes I agree, worth paying more for the Fronius in that situation. Sungrow is a good inverter, but hasn’t proven itself over as long a period as Fronius, yet.


If you have no shading issue then really no need for optmisers. Would definitely go the Fronius inverter.
Try this site to compare panels