Rate my quotes! :)

Hi guys, I was hoping for an idea of the big difference between these quotes. To my mind, most polar panels are very similar now and hard to differentiate.

The inverters both seem value/budget inverters. They are as follows:

Growatt 10Kw inverter with 13KW Risen panels (390w each) - $6590


34 × 390W JA Solar MBB Half-Cell Module - JAM60S20-390/MR/1000V
1776 mm × 1052 mm · Monocrystalline ·

1 × GoodWe GW10K-MS · 10000 W
1 phase · 97.7% max efficiency · ll


(Sorry about the lack of info on the first one.

Both quotes include installation and removal of old panels and inverter.

Any help would be really appreciated!

@Karl in my personal experience I would go with Goodwe and JA solar over the Growatt and Risen as the cheaper system is a little too cheap which often means the installation will be substandard.

What is the reputation and history of each solar company? Feel free to list them. We always recommend you go with a local installer, not a large national retailer that uses travelling subcontractors and will be a nightmare if you ever have a problem or warranty claim in the future.

Hey Svarky!

The cheaper one is GT Solar and the more expensive is Oz Solar World. :slight_smile:

Just want to make sure the Goodwe option isn’t too expensive. Are the inverters good? Last install I got a Fronius although I’d need two inverters for a bigger system which adds a lot of dollars!

The Growatt system is very cheap and the Growatt inverters are extremely low-cost. Fronius is known as the best but also the most expensive. However, there are many good quality inverters in between that are not too expensive such as Sungrow, GE and Goodwe.

GT Solar is based in Melbourne and Oz Solar World is based in QLD? Where are you based? Have you got any quotes from local solar companies?

Thanks again for your replies! A company locally sent me this which was recommended from solar reviews website:

Both seem very pricey to me. They used the com bank green loan to leverage maybe?

They are more expensive as the first offer includes 2 Sungrow inverters (one standard and one hybrid inverter) and the second offer includes quite a large (13.34kW) Alpha ESS battery system and the Hyundai 400W panels. If you were really wanting an energy storage system then this is actually not a bad deal.

Of course, it all depends on your budget. A local company will always be able to offer better support and service in there are any issues. I’d at least go for a QLD based company