Fronius vs Growatt inverter

Hi, I really don’t know which quote is the best to go with? Is the most expensive the best due to the longer warranties or is Suntech panels fine. One quote said it is a waste of money buying fronius as the Growatt is very good? So confused. We are planning on staying in the home for the next 25 years. Thanks for your help.

1- 6.6kw system-20x 330w Suntech Power Hypro Mono half cell panels (15y Warranty, 25y performance), Fonius 5.0kw 1 phase inverter (10y warranty)=$2690 + 1888 government loan interest free

2-6.6 kw system-21x315W REC solar N Peak panels (25 warranty and 25y performance), Fronius 5.0kw, 1 phase inverter (10y wattanty)=$5150 +1888 government loan interest free

3- 6.6 system 20x Canadian half cell panels (12y warranty 25y performance), Growatt 5kw inverter, 1 phase (10y warranty)=$3500 +1888 government loan interest free

4-6.0 kw system-16x315W Seraphim 315W panels (15y warranty, 25y performance), Fronius 5.0kw, 1 phase inverter (10y warranty)=$2724 +1888 government loan interest free

5-6.0 kw system-20x320W Sunpower 320W panels (25y warranty, 25y performance), Fronius 5.0kw, 1 phase inverter (10y warranty)=$4863 +1888 government loan interest free

Hi @Craig2,

Fronius have really cornered the premium residential inverter market, they are a strong favourite amongst Australian solar installers. Growatt on the other hand offer a lower cost inverter option. Growatt had some issues with failure rates in their early days, but installers are reporting significant improvements with their latest models. See more about Growatt and Fronius below:

Have you had a chance to read the Guide to Buying Solar yet? It’s a good place to start.

Hi Marty, Yes I have looked at this a lot, that is why I think option 2 is probable the best option as it has the best warranty and cells, but the most expensive. Option 3 came from someone who said that it doesn’t matter about the inverter or the cells their basically the same, but the important thing is the connections and the wires that the people use. He said that the Fronius has had a lot of trouble with the fan. He also said that the warranty means nothing as some are for parts only. So I am a little confused. What would you recommend?

Is the price too high for the Fronius and REC panels?

Not sure if the photos worked. Is this a good arrangement for the panels on the roof?

Hi Craig

You’ve made a great start. You’ve got a few eligible quotes there I think.

Firstly, that layout does look like the best from that image. Nice to have a big north facing roof like that.

The Suntech and Seraphim options seem really cheap, which always concerns me a bit.

So in short I agree, the REC and Fronius looks like the best, but It’s worth doing your research on 2-3 of these companies. Have you read through reviews yet, and asked them the tough questions in the book?

Regarding the Growatt mob, Growatt is ok, but for a bit more money upfront, i would personally be a lot more confident in a Fronius lasting 25 years than a Growatt. That’s an awful long time.

You can read a bit about the fan in our Fronius review.

Hope that helps


Hi Craig
I will go for the ENPHASE Micro Inverter Sys because of so many Split Array , you will get alot of mismatch of energy every moment. and Enphase sys is easy n simple to understand, and save you alot of money when come to the trouble shoot if happens, I see that you have 21 panels max. I do not understand the Govt Loan are you in Victoria ? about the panels you must go for higher wattage panels at the moment 350Watts already available even 380W if installer do not mind the 2 m lenght
Regards Esmail Attia Solar Hybrid Solutions
so you will save $$$ as less the number of micro inverters I do LONGI 350 as they good value for money