SMA vs Fronius vs Growatt

Hi Guys,
Quotation from Sunboost.
Trina 275 Watt panels x 24 = 6.6 kW
Growatt 5 kW inverter.
Price = $3750
With a SMA Sunnyboy 5000TL inverter
Price = $4591
With a Fronius Primo 5.0-1 inverter
Price = $4991
What are your thoughts on this
Regards Dean

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Fronius and SMA are two highly reputable inverters, and have been for many years. SMA are now focusing more on large commercial scale inverters, but also currently have a great range of smaller residential inverters. Whilst Fronius has really cornered the premium residential inverter market. See our SMA and Fronius inverter reviews below:

It is very difficult to split SMA and Fronius for the best residential string inverter, they are both very highly regarded. In the early days of solar, SMA was really the only inverter on the market that many installers would consider premium. People would pay a super high price for a Sunny Boy vs anything else. Even Fronius Primo was sold considerably cheaper than Sunny Boy for a while. However, things swung around, and by 2017 Fronius was generally regarded as the best residential inverter. Since then, SMA has rebuilt its brand again, and in 2020 it’s hard to really determine whether Fronius Primo or SMA Sunny Boy is the best residential inverter on the market. Take your pick!

Growatt has also been on a bit of a roller coaster ride. But they are not considered to compete with SMA and Fronius on the premium end, they compete with the likes of Sungrow for mid range or ‘value’ market share.