Solar quote advise perth

just got a quote for 6.6kW / 5kW 3 phase system
Im based in Perth.
i have been offered 20x 330kW Jinko Cheetah HC 60M panels
Fronius Symo 5kW for $4600
Growatt 5000TL3 5kW for $3650
My questions;
Is it worth the extra $1k for the fronius inverter
Is the Growatt any good?
How do you rate these panels or should i request other product?
Does this price sound reasonable?

Hi @mike2

I think it’s worth the extra $1k for Fronius. You can see a thread on Fronius vs Growatt comparison here:

Here’s our Jinko review also. Jinko Cheetah is a pretty run of the mill panel.

The big question as always is whether the company quoting you is reputable. Who gave you the quote, and where in Perth are you? There’s some installers that get good reviews on the web on our Solar Installers Perth page.


Im in 6014 Area of Perth.
The 2 installers im looking at have good reviews.
If i moved up a tier in panels, would the Q Maxx be a option. approx How much extra $$ or do you have any other suggestions.
Im also unsure about the Fronius fan noise so may go for a SMA tripower. I read these are just as good?

Hi Mike

Q Maxx is a good option and should only cost a few hundred more. Jinko Cheetah is not bad though, depends on your budget. Jinko is the biggest solar panel manufacturer in the world now (or maybe second).

Yes, SMA Tripower is a very good option if you are concerned about the fan noise.

Let us know how you go Mike.


Just to let everyone how i went.

Decided on the Sungrow 5kw 3 phase inverter and got the Q Cell Duo 5+ (20x330W) all for under 5k.
Decided against the SMA tripower as i found out this only came with 5 year warranty.
Very happy with the installers and service received.
Producing approx 30-35 kWh on a good day during winter.

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Nice one Mike, thanks for posting. Feel free to give a shoutout to the solar company you used.


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