Solar Power Brisbane South | Q.Peak Duo G5 vs Jinko Tiger

Can you please help me to review the below quote for 6.6 KW solar system with 5KW Fronius Primo Inverter + JINKO 370 w panels.

total cost quoted is $4,600

Hi @solanka & welcome!

It’s a pretty low price for a reasonable system. What model Jinko are they? You can see in our review that Jinko offer a number of different offerings:

Cant go wrong with Fronius. Here’s our Fronius review:

Who is the installer? It’s worth getting a couple of quotes for comparison unless you are super confident with the installer. You can see a few highly rated installers from the web here:

Solar Power Brisbane

Hi Marty,

Thanks for the reply. The quote says Jinko Mono 370W. 18 panels for 6.6 Kw system.

The spec they have attached says “Cheetah HC 60 M 315-335 W” ? is this a good model?

25 Years Panel Performance Warranty
10 Years installation Warranty
5 Years Standard + 5 Years Extended Warranty
Upon Registration
Fronius 5Kw Primo

Hi @solanka

The Cheetah model is their low end product, but that’s what you’d expect for this price. What’s a bit confusing and concerning is that the spec sheet says “Cheetah HC 60 M 315-335 W” but the model they are saying is 370W. I’d be a bit concerned about this. Please find out that actual model of the 370W panels.

Who is the solar company quoting this? I would get some quotes from other companies as well.



I went back to the supplier and they sent the correct spec. It is Jinko Cheetah Plus HC 66M 360 -380 W.

I have got some other quotes too. Appreciate if you can comment on all thee quotes i got

Quote 01 (As given before)
Fronius 5KW inverter + Jinko Cheetah Plus HC 66M 360 -380 W. $4600

Quote 02
Fronius 5KW inverter + Hansol 330 W panels - $4490
I have not heard about Hansol panels before and it is not mentioned in your reviews

5kW Fronius Primo I.V. - 10 Year Warranty - $7620
6.6 kW - 20 Qcell G5+ Q.Peak Duo 330W Panels - Full 25 YEAR PRODUCT & PERFORMANCE

Quote 1 was given by a local guy whom one of my friends referred who had got their system about a year ago. I’m more inclined into them as the systems seems to be pretty reasonable. I don’t know how their workmanship though although they have installed siginificant amount of systems around the area.

Please let me know what you think

I think that counts for a lot to be honest. The QCells G5+ are certainly better panels, any chance you could get the local guy to quote you for them?

Yeah me neither. I would avoid products that aren’t well known.


Hi Marty,

I went back to them and they have quoted as below with 2 options. let me know what you think

Option 1 - $4,900
20 x 330 w High-Efficiency Q cell Q maxx Solar Panels
1 x 5 kW European Made Fronius Inverter Primo (Single phases WLAN/LAN/Web server)
1 x Mounting & Electrical Kit Installation
1 x Installation by CEC accredited installer.

12 Years Panels Parts and Labour Warranty on Q cell Q maxx.

Option 2 - $5,850
20 x 330 w High-Efficiency Q cell Duo G5 Plus Solar Panels
1 x 5 kW European Made Fronius Inverter Primo (Single phases WLAN/LAN/Web server)
1 x Mounting & Electrical Kit Installation
1 x Installation by CEC accredited installer.

25 Years Panels Parts and Labour Warranty on Q cell G5 Plus


Perfect. Here is a bit more info on the difference between those two. Either is good.

Thanks. What is your opinion about having a smart meter ? is it worth the money ?

Hi Solanka

There’s a bit more about the Fronius Smart Meter here:

Whether it’s worth it depends on how much detail you want/need to monitor your solar production and export.


Can you tell me who quoted you on Option 2 - $5850 for Fronius Inverter and 20 X 330W QCell Peak Duo G5+ panelsplease.

I am interested in those panels but using an SMA inverter instead.



Hi John,

It was from a company called GO RUN Solar

Thanks for info



GoRun do get excellent reviews online. Let us know how you go John.

I have just about decided to buy a 10.56 kW system from a Sunshine Coast installer consisting of a Fronius 8.2 inverter and 32 QCell Q.Peak Duo G5+ panels at a very good price. During my research I came across the Jinko Tiger N Type 390w panels but there a surfeit of review/info on them other than the Jinko PDF that I could find.

I was enticed by the fact that it is an N Type panel with its excellent 30 yr linear efficiency warranty of 87.4%, its 20 yr product warranty and a module efficiency of 20.74% but it doesn’t appear to have been around that long.

It is a very good panel v a newer N Type, Korea v China?

What are your thoughts?

Hi John,

Yes, that’s an interesting question. I’ve asked that recently, because they are two of my favourite panels for bang for buck. Flip a coin? I guess I currently lean a bit more toward the Q.Peak not so much because it’s manufactured in Korea over China, but more due to a perception that there’s a bit more longevity there.

However, if you want the latest greatest tech, and the best price, from a huge and reputable company, the Jinko Tigers look very enticing!



Thanks for your response. When we looked at a 6.6kW systems the QCell G5+ and the Tiger N Type both with a Froniur were the same price.

In the end we decided to go with the QCell’s because of the proven product and better temperature coefficients.

We also decided to pay an extra $1080 to upgrade to the 10.56kW system which I thought was a bargain.



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Definitely sounds like a bargain!