Jinko vs Longi solar panels

Hi -

have settled on a Fronius inverter (5kW - 1 phase) for a 6.6 system. Now seeking to get the ebst value and minimize the price.

I have the following offers:


22 x 300 W Jinko Mono -crystalline Solar Tier-1 Panels

1 x 5 KW Fronius Single Phase Solar Inverter

Price would be $4,800 . 00 (Including GST)


22 x 300W Longi Mono -crystalline Solar Tier-1 Panels

1 x 5 KW Fronius Single Phase Solar Inverter

Price would be $4,400 . 00 (Including GST)

My questions:

  1. is Jinko worth $400 more?
  2. how much lower can I realistically push the price?



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Hey @Chris

Are these quotes from the same company? Where are you based? That makes a difference in how low you can go.

Is Jinko that much better :man_shrugging:t3:. Don’t know if you can get a diffinitive answer on that. There are plenty of Jinko and Longi advocates, probably more Jinko, but hard to put a price on the difference. We have put Jinko higher in our Best Solar Panels review due to Jinko being bigger, and probably better regarded in Australia. It also currently has the most powerful panel in the world on the market, at 580W.

Check out more info on both of them here:


As Marty mentioned I wouldn’t be taking the lowest price you can find as you will most likely end up with a substandard installation which could cost you much more in the future. Solar is a long term investment so it’s worth spending a few dollars more to get a quality installation from a reputable company.

A wise man once said “The cheapest system will cost you more in the long run”

@Marty, @Svarky - many thx and agree with cheapest is not always best… although everyone says this … even those in the industry that have gone bankrupt before and have been fraudulently claiming certificates from the government without (properly) installing systems! Shame that the government is not linking the payment for certificates to customer satisfaction or at least a rating system … so that the installer market becomes more transparent…

In any case my approach was a little different as I made the simple decisions first :

(1) selected the inverter (Fronius) and then

(2) a company that sells it with decent feedback online (in terms of volume and ratings)

so, now it is a matter of getting the price down as low as possible … as I figure their installers won’t do a worse job, just because I paid a lower price or selected a different panel brand…? maybe I am wrong?! what do you think?

in any case the government enabled lack of transparency around installer quality is breath taking after the roof insulation disaster …


Yes agreed. Or at least making it harder for Phoenix companies to re-emerge from the ashes.

I think that’s probably correct. My thinking around that though is that in theory if they are happy to be squeezed by you, then they are probably squeezing their installers and customer service already. From my experience, long sighted businesses will happily forgoe work rather than squeeze their margins to breaking point. I don’t think it would be a bad sign if they rejected your lower offers.

Seems like a solid approach.

All the best, keen to hear how it goes.