LONGi vs Canadian solar panels

Hi, I have had a quote for solar panels to be installed.


Longi 315 x 21

Fronius Primo 5.0 inverter



6.615kW Canadian 315 half-cut panels is $5,900 with a Fronius 5kW Inverter.**

One company says they would choose the Longi over the Canadian.

The other company recommends we use Canadian panels as they use the Bloomberg list and they have ranked the top panels in the world, and Canadian solar are number one, which is what they recommend. I have not heard of this list anywhere.

Can anyone advise which is the better panel and what and how valid is the Bloomberg list?



Solarquotes is another good solar comparison site. They rate JA Solar and Longi as reputable brands and well supported in Aus, with Longi being slightly more expensive. JA have a sensible manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. I suspect Longi have the same. If you have more faith in one retailer/installer than the other, I would pick that one. Otherwise what they are charging you might be the distinguishing factor.

Hi @Imp

Yes, I agree with Frank there. Probably much of a muchness between these two brands:

As Frank says, the installer is the biggest factor as we talk about here:


The companies are Green solar, Brisbane and One power solar and electrical , Gold Coast.

Green solar was one company that came from solar quotes the other from Facebook. Do you know of these and any reviews or comments?


Hi Imp

Green Solar seems to get pretty good reviews, not much on One Power though.

Our Brisbane page might help on what solar generation to expect, and also a couple other installers in the area if you want another quote.