Solar quote comparison Winston Hills NSW

Hi all, I’m looking for some thoughts and opinions on the following quotes;

I’m looking at a 6.6kw solar system on my single story colourbond roof.

18x 370w Canadian Solar panels

Sungrow Inverter 5kw

Company – Smart Energy Answers

Price $4,649

18x 370w Jinko Solar panels

SMA Inverter 5kw

Company – Beyond Solar

Price $4,990

18x 370w Longi Solar panels

SMA inverter 5kw

Company – Soltek Energy

Price $4,900

18x 365w Canadian Solar Panels

Fronius inverter 5kw

Company – Natural Solar

Price $6,740

19x 350w Q Cell Solar panels

Fronius inverter 5kw

Company – Penrith Solar Centre

Price $7,890

Hi Sammy,

All the quotes are very reasonably priced, the two Fronius options are a little more expensive. If your really worried about the price, I would go with the Beyond Solar option, otherwise go for the top of the range equipment from Penrith Solar Centre.

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Canadian Solar are good - we have just had 27 of the 370w installed and very happy.

We went with Solis inverters - seem good for a very cheap price - but we were forced that way due to our weird layout.

If you want another option - contact Sam at Your Green Planet - make sure he agrees to use Vikram as the installer (they were excellent)

I personally would go for a huawei or goodwe for the same sort of money.


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The quote for Longi Panel with Soltek is quite competitive. Bargain for a Fronius inverter at the same price. Soltek is a good reputable solar installer.

Most important is check out the status of the company
There is no reason why the Fronius should cost more, this is what we use
Fronius only has a 2 year warranty, besure to extend it