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Hi there, were in NSW, we’ve had a couple of quotes for Solar System. We had a 12 panel 2kw system put in about 10 years ago and the Inverter is not working any more. Initially our thoughts were just replace the Inverter and quoted $2,100 for a Fronius 4kw inverter and $1,700 for a Sungrow. Keeping our 10 year old panels and rewiring them.

So we decided to get a quote for a totally new system and take down the old 12 panels.

Powersmart quoted for a 6.6kw system with a 5kw Sungrow Inverter (Dual MPPT) including upgrade to 10 year premium Manufacture Warranty and 22 x Canadian SolarKu Power 300w Panels (New super High Efficiency Panels PERC polypanels with 25 yr warranty) .

The other quote from a smaller local company (with a good reputation) was for a 6.3 System 21 x Suntech 300w Panels (15 yr warranty) plus a Fronius Inverter $6,929 or with a Sungrow Inverter for $600 less.

Both quotes included the Rebate and removal of the old system

Would love some constructive advice, thanks

Hi @Judiabee

Yeah, it probably makes sense to replace the whole system unfortunately. Seems a bit wasteful after 10 years, but hopefully if you choose the right one, this one will last 30 years.

This is always my preference, I think you’ll have a better chance of getting a good install, and attention if something gets wrong with a good local company. I don’t understand the 21 panels though, why not 22? Is there a space issue?

What Suburb are you in, and who is the local installer?

The Fronius upgrade for $600 is a pretty good deal I reckon, and probably worth the peace of mind. Although Sungrow is a fine inverter too.

These are good panels, but super high efficiency doesn’t really matter unless you have space issues. Suntech make decent panels too. What is the model they are offering?

Hope that helps.



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Hi Marty,

Thanks for your input. We are tending to think along the same lines as you, going with the local Company. Its MJJ’s Electrical in Singleton who seem to have good reviews. We live between Maitland and Singleton NSW, space is not an issue as the panels are on a 12 x 15m shed. We will check with MJJ why 21 panels not 22.

Will go back to MJJ with a few more questions before we commit. We also agree feel its very wasteful to replace the original 12 panels, but a friend who is an electrician suggested we could use a couple on the property to run small batteries and 12v lights in the shed, also see if we can sell some as they are still in working order.


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Ah perfect @Judiabee. Let us know how it goes.

Hi Marty,

We have decided to go with the Local MJJ’s Electrical, they have answered all our queries and given us a good price for removing the old system and replacing with a Fronius 5kw Inverter and Phono 300w panels and included monitoring system.

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Great to hear. Hope it all goes well.