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I need to replace my 2 X 2kw solar systems I have received quotes from 2 companies but they seem a bit high to me, I can not increase the overall size of the system as I receive premium feed in rates. I have tried to get quotes from 6 companies and only two have replied

The quotes include the removal and disposal of the old systems. The quotes are also different types of systems, so I understand the higher cost with the optimization also the panels will be located on the roof of my two story house

Qoute 1 : Supply & Install new Fronius 4.0kW inverter & 12 x 340W Canadian Solar Panels (4.08kW) for $8500 inc GST

Qoute 2 : Fully optimized 3.84 12 Sunpower P19 320W Panels with SolarEdge inverter for $11,000 inc GST

Quote 3 : Fully optimised 3.90 13 Canadian Solar 300W Panels with SolarEdge inverter for $10,250 inc GST

Also how much more are Sunpower panels compared to Canadian Solar ones and are they worth the extra cost

Hi there. Yes they are definitely worth more. Sunpower are super good panels, and for only $750 extra, that’s probably worth it. However, are they combined with SolarEdge worth $2.5k more than the Fronius? I would personally probably go with Fronius if the Solar Companies are equal

They are expensive quotes, but the removal of the old system will be a lot of work, almost as much as putting on a new one.

What products did you have on the old system, and what happened to it? When did you get the old system installed? Do you know if it was performing well until recently?

Hope that helps

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Thanks that explains the difference. One of the Inverters has gone and the some panels have moisture ingress and hail damage. Insurance have covered the cost of the cheaper quote. I could just replace the one faulty but it will also require other works to make that system compliant to today’s standards total about $2000.

Yeah, it’s a total mess trying to replace part of an existing system, especially if it’s a bit old. Good call doing the whole thing.

I have had the system replaced I also go them to install the Fronius smart meter, I love this because know I can see the electricity I am using, producing and feeding in. It cost me an extra $300 to do that but at least I will no for sure if my electricity bill is correct. The faulty inverter started working a couple of weeks before they did the replacement and it had never produced so much power.

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