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Hi there,

We’ve been quoted on the following:
Fronius Symo 10.0-3-M 10.5 kW + 30 x 350 SunPower SPR-MAX2-350 (350W) Panels + Fronius 3 Phase Smart Meter = $12086, after all applicable rebates.

Is this a competitive price?

Kind regards,

Hi Kathryn

Someone else just posted a quote for the same products at about half the size:

They have been quoted more than half the panels, at about half the price, and they would also be eligible for more STCs. In short, probably a comparable quote. These are top quality products, I don’t think the price is unreasonable. Although, is this also including the Victorian government rebate?

Who is the company you have been quoted by, and are you confident in them? That’s most important. It can’t hurt to get another quote though.


Hi Marty,

Thanks for your quick response. Looking at the other quote, I’m not sure what size Fronius inverter they’ve been quoted on but I don’t think it would be a 10 kW. The quote I received was for a 3 phase inverter (I’m told they are a bit more expensive) and the panels are Maxeon 2, as opposed to the P series in the other quote.

The price I’ve posted is after STCs and the Vic solar rebate. The company I’ve received the quote from is Cola Solar in Bendigo and they seem to be a reputable company, from all accounts.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

Yes that’s all true, so agreed it seems to be a good deal. Cola Solar have been around for a long time, they seem to be a reputable company.

Again, thanks for your time Marty. So far, my dealings with Cola have been really positive and they certainly seem very knowledgeable so I’m happy to go with them.