Quotes for my Solar

Grateful for any advice on my quotes: 80% of time single person household. Roof NW facing.
Melton Vic. I am reposting as had an updated offer on previous posting altho I had a prompt answer from one person Ivan which I thank you for.

NO 1.
System Size - 5.12kW Elite System -
After Vic rebate Total Price $4,100 inc gst out of pocket***
16 x Canadian Solar 320W KuPower Black Panels (NEW!)**
5kW Fronius Inverter - model Primo 5.0-1**

NO 2.
System Size 5.28Kw $5995
After Vic Rebate $3770
Panels 16 x Jinko Cheetah PERC 330W 12 year Warranty
Inverter Fronius Primo 5 5x5 Warranty

NO 3.
System Size 4.2Kw $5460
After Vic rebate $3235
Same installer as NO 2 but smaller size
13 Jinko Cheetah PERC 330W Panels
Inverter Fronius Primo 4.2 5x5 Warranty

On nos 2 & 3 same installer, and I’ve been offered Q.PEAK-G4.1 290-310 - Q-Cells at
$1000 extra per quote? I’m not sure why same for each as less panels on 4Kw. 13 as opposed to 16.


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