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Hi there,thank you in advanced for your help!

We live in Brisbane North and are looking into installing solar for our home.We received quotes from 2 different companies.

First company provided 3 options.As below

  1. 20* Jinko Panels 330W JKM330-60MH + Sungrow Inverter SG5K-D 5 kw Dual MPPT wifi. Quoted price is $4490

  2. 20 *Jinko Panels 330W JKM330M-60H + Fronius Primo Inverter 5.0-1-I 5KW Quoted price is $5290

  3. 20 * Q Cells Panels Q peak duo G5 +330W + Sungrow inverter SG5K-D5kw Dual MPPT wifi Quoted price is $5690

Company 2 with 3 quotes as well .

  1. 20* 320W Solarwatt Monocrystalline panels + 5.0 SMA sunny boy SB5.0 1AV-41 inverter price after rebate $7500

  2. 21 * 315w Hyundai RG monocrystalline panels + 5.0 SMA sunny boy SB5.0 1AV-41 inverter .Quoted price is $6500

  3. 21 * 315W Seraphim panels + 5.0 SMA sunny boy SB5.0 1AV-41 inverter . Quoted price Is $5500

It is very confusing :pensive:Any help would be much appreciated!Thank you .

Hi @Yolander

It’s a tough choice isn’t it. A big factor will be the solar companies themselves. Who did you get quotes from, and have you done much research on them?

There’s a real difference in price between option 1 and option 4 isn’t there. We don’t actually get much SolarWatt panels in Australia. I’m not very familiar with them, but they are reportedly a very quality product. You can’t go wrong with an SMA inverter either. On the other end is Jinko and Sungrow, which are actually both very reputable products. Sungrow is our pick for the “value” end inverter.

Are you on a budget? You’ll get a faster return on investment with option 1, but will it give you the best return over 20 - 30 years? There is potentially more risk of something failing 15 years in, but of course that is a risk with any system, albeit a low one.

If you cant split company 1 and 2 from reading reviews, I would personally probably ask for a Fronius and QCells option from company 1. That might be low $6000s, which would be a decent price for a high quality system.

Hope that helps

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Hi Marty, thank you for your prompt reply☺️
It is a tough decision to make especially when we know little about solar despite all the information on internet,etc. (I got confused very easily,lol)
I do feel I have a clearer idea now after your comment.Thank you.:slight_smile:
From their online reviews,both companies seems quite reputable.So it all comes down to price. We would like to keep it under budget,but we are also looking for more reliable products and more credible suppliers and installer. Qcell and Fronius combination sounds like a great options.We will definitely check it out.
Thank you again for your advice :smile: