Solar quotes Sydney | Sungrow vs Fronius vs SMA

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Can anyone let me know if the below quotes are well priced?

I have a north facing block, no shade, 3 phase, currently using around 24k to 28 kwh a day on average over a year.

Can anyone shed any light on the fact they gave me a single phase inverter even though my house is 3 phase?

Hey I got the following quotes and was wondering which was best combo price and performance, ideally I want to stay around 6 to 6.5k

  1. JKM370M-66H] Jinko Solar Cheetah Plus Mono-Facial 370W Black Solar Panel x 24
    [STP8.0-3AV-40] SMA Sunny Tri Power 8kW Three Phase Inverter

  2. Jinko JKM370M-66H (Cheetah) Solar Panel x 24
    Fronius PRIMO 6.0-1-INT Inverter

  3. JKM370M-66H] Jinko Solar Cheetah Plus Mono-Facial 370W
    [SG8K-D-P] Sungrow 8kW - Premium Single Phase Inverter

  4. 20 x350W Q cell maxx
    Inverter1 Fronius sumo 6.0 3 phase

  5. 32 x Trina Honey Mono 330w TSM-DD06M.08(II) (System Size 10.56kW); 1 x Fronius Symo 10-3-M Inverter;

  6. 30 x JKM370M-66H] Jinko Solar Cheetah Plus Mono-Facial 370W Black Solar Panel
    Inverter[STP10-3AV-40] SMA Sunny Tri Power 10kW Three Phase Inverter

7)30 x JKM370M-66H] Jinko Solar Cheetah Plus Mono-Facial 370W Black Solar Panel
SG10KTL-MT] Sungrow 10kW Three Phase

I got quoted this for $6670

JKM370M-66H] Jinko Solar Cheetah Plus Mono-Facial 370W Black Solar Panel x 24
[STP8.0-3AV-40] SMA Sunny Tri Power 8kW Three Phase Inverter

Can anyone let me know which option is better.

Hi @Ipod24

They all look pretty competitively priced.

The panels are quite comparable, so there isn’t much point of differentiation there.

SMA and Fronius are premium inverters with a similar pricing. Whereas Sungrow is cheaper, but probably our favourite in terms of mid range inverters. So if you’re looking for a lower cost point, Sungrow is not a bad option. We would still generally recommend the SMA or Fronius if you can afford it though.

Besides that, as we always say, the company that you go with is probably the most important factor when going solar. All else being equal, you may want to spend a bit more if you need to on a company with really good reviews and reputation.


Thanks alot for the input, would you go SMA over Fronius?

Out of all the ones I suggested all of them are from solar quotes reputable installers.

If you had a budget of 6 to 6.5k Max what would you do?

It would depend on my power usage. I’d need more details to say what I would choose in your situation.

Have you got a big north facing roof to fit all of your panels? If so, we can assume that each kW will generate about 4.5kWh of solar per day. 7kW of solar ~= 31.5kWh per day, 10kW ~= 45kWh per day.

I’d probably want to size my system to approximately cover my usage (for various reasons, but this is by no means the best solution for everyone). On the other hand, you might want to oversize your system for “future proofing”. If you decide to get an electrical car, or battery, you’ll want a bigger solar array. However, you could also just get an additional array if that happens and space permits.

What is your average daily electricity consumption?

So we have a north facing block and our panels would need to go on east/west sides as we don’t want any on the north facing side

We use about 23 to 27kw day average over a year

Ok, you might get less that 4kWh on average then. 25kWh per day / 3.8kWh ave production, means a 6.6kW system would cover your own usage (but important to note, that doesn’t mean it will reduce your power bill to $0).

So I would personally probably go a 6.6kW with a 5kW inverter, in which case you could afford a Fronius with your budget and have some change.

What’s the thinking with putting more panels on the east? Do you use more power in the morning or at night? You’ll get a bit more generation from them on the west, and most people will use more power in the evening.


Could I go up to a 7 or 8kw system just to get that bit extra, and then try and get the system to pay for most of the electricity. (is that the right thinking?)

So would the SMA Sunny Tri Power 8k and the Jinko Solar 370w x 24 panels be the best option?

Um I would be happy with whatever would work for my situation haha. Well these days mostly during the day/evening. Working from home and we have a baby so yeh. We need to try and move all washing to during the day.

Yeah I think that makes sense. There’s often no clear right or wrong answer.

Im not sure why whoever did that design above put more panels on your east roof. I think you’d probably want most panels on your west roof, as that will generate more power in the afternoon when you’ll use more power. Also, the west roof will generate more power than the slightly south facing east roof.

Hope that helps. Good luck.


Yeh I dunno, I’ll speak to them and see what their final price is and do a final design, with more panels on the West.
Thanks for the assistance really appreciate it.

I’ll let you know how I go

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So I have just paid a deposit on
30 x Jinko Cheetah Plus 370w
10kw SMA tripower 3 phase inverter
11.1kw system
Installer - Beyond Solar

Also switching to AGL
17c Fit first 9kw exported then down to 9c

Thanks for all the help

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