Jinko 370W Cheetah vs Trina 370W Honey - Half cut mono perc

So I think price wise and budget I think I’m going to go down the path of SMA inverter and Jinko panels. In saying that do you rate a Jinko 370w cheetah over Trina 370W - Half Cell Mono.

I’ve had a look at the energy companies and
Origin has a 10k max inverter size and offers 12c

Agl has no max, offers 17c fit for first 9kw export per day then 9.5c

Amaysim has 8k Max inverter and 16c fit

Click has 7.7k Max inverter so that’s out

Very difficult to split @Ipod24. They wholesale for basically the same price, and the specs are very similar. Toss of a coin between those two in my opinion.

Jinko JKM370M-66H

Trina TSM-DD08M.08(II)