Jinko Cheetah JKM370M-66H vs Longi LR4-60HPH-370

I have been recommended two panels and would like advice as to which will be the better of the two for a house in Melbourne. Jinko Cheetah JKM370M-66H or Longi LR4-60HPH-370 it is for a 6kw system with micro-inverters. I have read lots on the internet and am seeing not a lot of difference between the two but I am a newbie in the world of solar.

The price quoted is the same for both panels, are these comparable price wise?

Having read about Jinko Tiger on the blogs should this be in the consideration set, is this more expensive on price again though?

There are so many choices, so any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi Susie

Good question. These panel wholesale for pretty much the same price as well, there is very little to separate them, and I would quite honestly just flip a coin on the decision.

Jinko Tiger is more expensive, it’s also a slightly higher performing panel. But it will not make any noticeable difference for you, really, I wouldn’t concern yourself with it. If you’re finding it all a bit confusing, I’d recommend keeping it simple, choosing one of the 370W panels, and moving on. The main thing is that you’re happy with the company selling you the solar.

I hope that helps.


Hi Marty, thx so much for the advice, really appreciate it Susie

Both of them have become Australia’s most popular solar panels, but you can’t go wrong with either. While it’s worth mentioning LONGi is usually (a touch) cheaper than Jinko.