Cheap or Expensive Solar Quote? Sungrow & Jinko vs Fronius & SunPower


Am in Northern NSW and have 2 quotes from 2 different supplies that are reputable and recommended but I’m confused if it is worth paying the extra $2000 for the ‘better’ brands given I’m not sure I’ll be still in this house in 15 years time and just want to reduce my power bill which is around $480/ quarter for single parent family. It’s for 6.6Kwh system, 5 Kwh inverter. I get the feeling that they are in general a little more expensive that other quotes I’ve read on this forum as well? I’m looking for the best value for money performance.

Option 1.
Sungrow string converter & 24 x 275w Jinko poly panels $4950 OR different inverter
Fronius string converter & same panels as above $5950

Option 2.
Fronius string converter & 21 315w Sunpower P series panels $6795

Any help, advice, opinions on these quotes gratefully received as I’m finding the amount of choice so overwhelming. I have read heaps on the efficiencies, how they’re made etc but not sure which is best for my situation. thanks in advance.

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Hi Emster,

In my experience it is definitely worth spending a little extra to get better quality components. In your situation the Jinko 275W panels quoted are rather out-dated Poly panels which are the bottom of the range from Jinko with a standard 10 year product warranty. The SunPower panels are a much better choice and have both a 25 year performance and Product warranty from what many consider the best manufacturer in the world.
If they were offering the latest Jinko Eagle PERC mono panels then it would be a much tougher choice.

In regards to the inverter, Sungrow is not a bad option but Fronius is known as the best inverter on the market. If you are sure the company will be around for any potential issues over the next 10 years you could go with the Sungrow option.

Hope this helps

Thank you Jason for explaining the Jinko panels, that’s extremely helpful as I’ve been trying to work out the differences between the 5000 different choices.

Does the price for fronius and sun power for $6,795 seem fair?

What’s the solax power x1 inverter like?

Hi Emstar,

I think that price is reasonable for arguably the two best products on the market.

If you are looking for the best solar products at a cheaper price point, see here:


If you have an area in your yard the size of a old Hills Hoist, you should be looking at spending $5’500 on a small 4 panel Duel axis solar Tracker, including a 5kW Hybrid Inverter.

A DAT-4 unit fitted with 4x 500W solar Panels it will cover your energy bill.

Thank you The Raptor for sharing the Pay Back Calculator
regards Esmail Attia