Perth Solar Quotes | Fronius Symo and Q Cell Peak Duo-G5

Hi Folks,

Just after some feedback regarding the following options regarding solar installation at my house (3 phase, 2 story).

I have been quoted for the following:

  1. Huawei SUN2000 5kW 3ph 2MPPT Inverter with 20 x Q-CELLS Maxx 330W Panels and the Smart Meter @ $5290 (Negotiated down from $6,090) - (Solargain)

  2. Fronius Symo 5.0kW 3 Phase Inverter with 20 x Q Cell Q.Peak DUO-G5 330Wp Panels @ $5300 (Koala Solar) awaiting a price with the Huawei Inverter option.

  3. Fronius Symo 5.0kW 3 Phase Inverter with 20 x Q-CELLS Maxx 330W Panels @ $7,387 (Synergy Solar Return)

  4. SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER 5.0-3AV-40 5KW with 6kW worth CANADIAN SOLAR, CS3K-300P 300W @ $5500 (Bradford Energy)

They all provide slightly differing layouts, which is a little annoying but can anyone recommend a layout that would work well in our case? I’ve attached one for reference.

Screenshot (6)

Few questions:

  1. Are these quotes reasonable?
  2. Has anyone had experience with the Huawei 3 phase inverters?
  3. Are the Q Cell Maxx 330W Panels newer than the Q.Peak Duo G5, I can’t see a difference in specs?


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Hi @mdgolby

It all looks like pretty decent gear at pretty good prices to be honest. Bradford and Solargain are big national companies, I’m not sure about Koala and Synergy.

Honestly, I don’t the difference between the Q-CELLS Q.Peak DUO-G5 330Wp and Maxx 330W, I don’t understand why they sell such similar modules. If there is a difference it can’t be $2k worth. However, $5300 is quite a low price, and we generally wouldn’t suggest going for the lowest price. Huawei make good inverters too.

Regarding layout, I think the north and west roof approach that you’ve attached makes sense. Although the installers will need scaffolding or similar on the west roof for safety, that would be quite a drop (which could cost extra. One of those things that dodgy companies don’t break to you until they arrive on the day for install). Otherwise, can you use that flat north out the back and use tilt frames? Worth getting into the detail of that once you’ve established which company you want to work with.

Given the gear and pricing looks good across the board, I’d really just focus on the reviews of the companies in order to choose. If you don’t like the reviews of any of them, we do have a few other options on our Perth Solar Power page.

See also:

Good luck Matt. Let us know how you get on.


Hi @Marty,

Thanks you for your input.

I am going to go with the Fronius Symo and Q Cell Peak Duo G5 330W Panels and a Fronius Smart Meter. Despite the panels being a little older than the Q Cells Maxx, The G5 panels are made in South Korea and overall feel this is a quality system!

The company is a smaller company and has been around for a few years. Across multiple platforms (Facebook, Google and Solar Quotes etc) they have good reviews, they were also recommended by a work colleague and my mother in law! They have not been pushy and answered any question no matter how silly or complex.


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