Solar quote Sydney | QCell 6.6KW and Fronius Inverter 5KW


I want to check about quote for 20 x QCells 330w Q.Maxx Solar Panels 1 x Fronius Primo 5kW Single Phase Inverter

Double Storey

  • $4,700 k - 1st quote
    -$4,200K - 2nd quote.

Appreciate any advice.

Hi @grk_mech

Thanks for your post. So to be clear, this is two separate companies quoting you the exact same system?

The quotes look quite inexpensive to me. Where are you located?

It’s really important the ensure that you are choosing the best company, which is often not the cheapest. Please read this article first:

Thanks Marty for your advise.
Both quotes are from different companies, I live in Sydney.
Today I came to know that both offering Qcells Max panels manufactured in China less efficient than Qcell Duo, which are made in Korea for above quoted price and now asking $1000 extra for Qcell Duo.

I am now considering about Longi solar panels. Could you please advise me about Longi 370w - 18 panels - 6.6kw and Fronius 5kw inverter for $4400 after rebate + $250 extra for Fronius smart meter.
Your reply will be much appreciated.