Solar Power Melbourne | QCell 390W Mono + Fronius Primo 5.0

I live in Melbourne (Vic) and have received a quote for a 17 panels of QCell 390W Mono (6.6Kw) plus Fronius promo 5.0 (5kw) system installation at my residence for a residential solar.
QCELL model is Q PEAK DUO L-G7.2 390W

Quoted price is 6500 Aud (after STC)
Out of pocket estimated to be 2724 Aud after Vic govt rebate and Vic govt interest free loan.

need help on review of

  1. quote value
  2. solar panel and inverter
  3. Feedback on solar retailer (One stop utilities)


Hi Anitt

Fronius Primo is a top of the range inverter, and QCELL is a fine panel. $6500 is a reasonable price for those products. Here’s more info on them:

I’m not very familiar with One Stop Utilities as a solar provider, but they do seem to get good reviews. We usually would recommend getting a couple of quotes for comparison sake, but if you are very confident with this company, that may not be necessary.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot Marty . That really gives me confidence into making a decision. Yes, I did get few quotes and this one seems better than the rest.
Thanks again

Hello Amit,
This system, to me, looks like the top of the range system and that is why it is very expensive. Pls tell your Solar Installer to give you the savings this Solar system will give and then see how long will you take to recover. I just recently installed Panels of 315W and Inverter 5 kW and was much cheaper than yours.