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Hey, I received quotes from 2 different companies on the same 2 set-ups. I was looking at the Goodwe Inverter, as I haven’t found anything at all bad about them. I’ve also looked at the Fronius Inverter as it seems to come very highly recommended with every single search I’ve done.
With the research I’ve done so far, I found some great information about Huawei Inverters, which really gained my interest in getting a quote to have a Huawei installed over the Goodwe and Fronius. However, as my home needs a 3 phase inverter, for the Huawei 3 phase, I would have to wait til Jan/Feb for them to come to market. I’m aware that the Huawei single phase can actually be used with a 3 phase meter, but this is not allowed in WA.
Do you think it’s worth waiting for, or I’m a better off just choosing one of the others, so as I can start saving sooner, and won’t lose out with the slight decrease in government rebate come Jan?

Here are my quotes. Quote 1:

6.615kw Premium system $3299.00 ($3465 other company - same set-up)

21 x Longi 315 Watt (tier1) panels (10 year warranty)

1 x Goodwe GW5000LDT inverter (three phase compliant) (10 year warranty)

Prices include GST and fully installed with STCs assigned to the solar installer, additional meter upgrade costs charged by Synergy.

Quote 2:

6.615kw Premium Plus system $3799.00 ($4085 other company - same set-up)

21 x Longi 315 Watt (tier1) panels (10 year warranty)

1 x Fronius Symo5 inverter (three phase compliant) (5+5 year warranty)

The panels will all be North facing on a tiled roof with no shade anytime of day.

I’ve included a picture of the roof, with how one installer has designed the panel setup. The other installer had put 3 rows of 7. I’m not sure if any of this matters.


the company I had my installation with was Greenwiring (Wangara), and the guy I dealt with throughout the process was called Kenny Marpole

I am very happy with the service and was very happy with the install. So far my system has been working well, producing over 42kwh on a good sunny day.

Hi @Toni_Massey

The easy part first - 3 rows of 7 looks far more aesthetically pleasing that 2 uneven rows bunched on one side of the roof, if you ask me.

I don’t think there is any need to wait for the Huawei 3 phase inverter. Huawei certainly make nice inverters, but so do Fronius.

Personally I would choose option 1, with Fronius. Longi are a solid panel, I wouldn’t put them in the “premium” category probably, but I would be happy with them on my roof. The pricing seems reasonable too.

That’s my 2 cents Toni, hope it helps.


Check out our Solar Power Perth WA page, and our Fronius review page:

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Hi Marty

Did you mean option 2?

What are your thoughts on pricing, seems really low to me and we are retailers?


The pricing is what you pay after the government rebate

Hi Tony

I understand that. We are retailers. Option 1 price is very competitive but Option 2 price would mean I would lose money. Just wondering how they are selling so cheap.


Have to agree with Solarnextgen,

It is very cheap for the size. I’m guessing they might use sub-contractors or rush through the job. It is all the one roof section but still a basement price.

You get what you pay for. Hope the installers or sales company are around for the next 10-20 years to support any warranty claims or issues.

Yeah sorry, quote 2. Yeah, I agree does seem cheap.

I’m assuming STC zone 3, are you zone 3 also?

Hey, I’ve done my research on the companies, and one of them came recommended from solarquotes, and is one of their platinum rated suppliers with over 700 reviews to read through. They’ve had over 25 years experience in the electrical industry and have solar installation accreditation from the Clean Energy Council.
The other company, I sourced myself and they’ve been around since 2010, and are also a CEC accredited installer.
Would you still be weary of these companies , or do you think the backing of CEC and websites like solarquotes along with all the positive reviews should make them ok to buy from?
Both these companies are local to me (5 minute drive).

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Hi Marty,

I’ve just checked and STC zone 3 would be correct.

Hi Tony

Based on that I would go with them. I guess option 2 is so good don’t miss it. They just might have a special on.

Good Luck.


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Thanks Ivan, I really appreciate your help & feedback. :slight_smile:

If you buy Fronius you know you have a good inverter.

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Hi Guys,
I’m an Installer as well, I wouldn’t sell Longi panels, only because they don’t have an Australian presence ie office (get’s complicated if you do have a warranty claim). But they are a decent panel, “Solarnextgen” is correct, there not making a cent there, they are losing money. Be careful, there are installers out there that quote one thing and install another. On the day of install they say we can’t get them but these are just as good. and you end up with crap solar. I sell Jinko Fronius 6.6kW for about $4,500 and there’s not much in that. Fronius Inverters are hard to get these days due to having to buy through partners only (very limited stock going to Electrical Wholesalers) and the price just jumped about $300 (Fronius are trying to get away from crap solar guys). But if your getting what they’re quoting you may as well rob them blind.

Ps. Stay away from Goodwe, I’ve thrown plenty of them in the bin. The new ABB UNO with full 10 yr warranty would be a better cheap choice. (if as they say, they have fixed the issues)

Den Thomson
Sales Manager
Down South Solar Power
Bunbury WA.

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Not to mention 3 phase add’s another $400. Fronius Symo are a really good Inverter.

Thanks Den. Appreciate the additional things consumers should be aware off. Draw you in with a really good offer then last minute changes.


Goodwe are a great inverter, I agree with the above, prices are far too cheap, alarm bells suggest short cuts somewhere, it is well known that Perth is very price driven and therefore an open field for the dodgy installers.
Fronius in my experience may have some difficulties with unstable power Networks, Goodwe has a high voltage range and handles an unstable network very well.
I also agree that if a manufacturer has no presence in Australia, I wont use them for obvious reasons.
Panels are an ongoing debate, I personally use Canadian Solar who are rated as the number 1 globally, again in contradiction to local ratings I tend to follow the global vote. and the price to be realistic in this industry is around $1000 per kw, although depending on the size and obvious buying power of an individual company can go as low as the $4500 mark, anything less…alarm bells to be honest

Hi everyone,

Thanks heaps for all the feedback and all the advice. I decided to go with the quote I received for the Fronius inverter and Longi panels, and they have since been installed for the price quoted. As I was aware that there are lots of dodgy companies out there, I did my research and proceeded with caution. One of the major deciding factors was the fact that this company is backed up with CEC accredited installers, they’ve been around for a long time, and they have backing from solarquotes with over 700 reviews. I asked a lot of questions in regards to materials used, warranties, guarantees, expectations, production, just about everything, and they didn’t hesitate to answer my essay of questions within a timely, professional manner. I am very happy with the service and was very happy with the install. So far my system has been working well, producing over 42kwh on a good sunny day. I’m looking forward now to seeing how my system effects my electricity bills.

Thanks again to everyone that offered me help and advice, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update Toni.

Please give the installation company a shout out if you like, always good to know of good quality companies out there for others to use.


No worries, the company I had my installation with was Greenwiring, and the guy I dealt with throughout the process was called Kenny Marpole. :slightly_smiling_face:

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