Solar quote VIC | Fronius vs GoodWe

I have 3 options from 3 different company and considering to pick up one of them:

#1: 18 * 370w JINKO CHETAAH + GoodWe: $700 (out of pocket)
#2: 18 x 370w Canadian SolarHiku + GoodWe: $1000 (out of pocket)
#3: 18 x 330W SUNTECH Mono + Pronius: $1150 (out of pocket)

Which one should I go for? Thank you.

Hi David

The panels are comparable, although you are getting higher wattage with the first two 6.66 vs 5.94kW. I would still lean toward #3 based on the Fronius being a premium inverter option.

Very low out of pocket, are they from the same company? Why so cheap? I would do serious research into the company and check out reviews.