SolaX vs Fronius vs Goodwe

i have a flat roof two storey, north facing. will be good for solar - I’ve had three quotes that really vary -

  1. 16 x Trinasolar mono 300w Panels (; 1 x Fronius Primo 4.0-1 4kW Inverter; Installation - including monitoring and bill advice; etc - $6.9k
  2. 18 x 275_Watt Solar Panels- PV TIER 1 + 6 Panels free*;1 x 5.0 kw Solax_Smart Inverter -Warranties - 25 Years panel efficiency warranty;10 Year Installation - workmanship warranty; 05 Years manufacturer warranty for Inverter + 05 years of extended warranty - SOLAX
    Price $3681.00 (Fully Installed and After Govt. Rebate price)
  3. They’ve given me 2 options:
    OPTION 1:
    6.6KW Solar System Fully Installed**
    3.8KW Risen 315watt (Split & Technology) (Tier 1) 10 + 2 FREE Goodwe 3KW Inverter $4300 - ends up being about 3K
    OPTION 2:
    6.6KW Solar System Fully Installed**
    3.7KW Jinko 310watt (Perc Technology) (Tier 1) 10 + 2 FREE Goodwe 3KW Inverter $3100 (Fully installed)-No Hidden Charges. If i go with Fronius inverter (Austrian Made) instead of Goodwe then add $700 to above price.*

Now, I know the Fronius appears to be better, but the prices are making me ask - how much better?? One did ask me if I wanted them tilted - I said - you tell me whats better - didnt seem like they had any advice tbh.


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Hi @shellhun

Those are some diverse quotes. Quote 1 stands out in my opinion as straight forward and good quality products. In Quote 2 and 3, the whole 6 panels free, and 2 FREE inverters are red flags for me. Also, Quote 2, not actually giving you the brand of panel, that’s concerning. Overall, I just find both options for Quote 3 hard to understand as well, which also isn’t a good sign.

I really think it’s worth reading at least Ch 2. Who should I buy solar from? in the guide. Is Fronius that much better? Well in my opinion, only if it is installed well, and alongside other good components. I would take second rate products installed by someone I really trusted to do a good job, over first rate products installed by someone I didn’t trust any day. That is not to say that I’d choose second rate products! Just if I was pressed to choose.

Regarding the tilt frames, you definitely also want to go with someone that can give you a clear answer on that, with good reasoning to back it up. If your roof is pretty well flat, you will definitely want tilt frames. How much of a tilt probably depends on what time of day you use your electricity, and what direction your roof faces.

Hope that helps.


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Thats great feedback - thanks - Yes the first quote company actually came out and put a drone over the roof, and stayed for an hour to walk me through it. I will read up as you suggest. Thanks again!

@shellhun, I updated this chapter as well, I think it’s relevant for you to take a look at:

Ch 5. How much will a solar power system cost?