Thinking of Solar for home

I have been quoted for the following panels and following Inverters.
Growatt; Goodwe. Two companies have offered a Goodwe Inverter and one Growatt. One of the companies offering Goodwe suggested Growatt are a lesser (cheaper) product. Is there any difference? Prices are about the same for all quotes. The only other one I hear is Fronius, but all companies are saying that you are only paying a bit more for brand and that the other two are just as good with performance and reliability? Any thoughts or advice please on these inverters?

Panels offered up have been Seraphim; or Risen. Although one company, for a bit more, have also offered JA and Qcell panels. Is it worth paying around $3-600 more for QCell or JA. Is there any discernible difference in Seraphim or Risen and what would people go with? They all seem to be offering 15 Year product and 25 year performance warranty. We are a standard single story house with pool and air con and three adults. Most use in day with about 20% in evening.

Thanks for any advice - we will be in this house for many years, so want a good reliable product, but don’t want to pay more for something if it is not necessary.

Ha. Yes they would say that. I would avoid companies that rely on this as a sale tactic.

The reason Fronius have a good brand is because for many years they had the only reliable inverters in the market. Hopefully the others have fixed their problems, but many people are happy to pay more for a product that will be on their roof for two decades from a highly reputable brand.

Same with panels.

I would at least stick with products from our Best Solar Panels and Best Solar Inverters articles.

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I had Growatt 5kW inverter for 20 years, now have Enphase solution. Changed due to hail damage otherwise it was still working. Now running 25 LG Neon R with Enphase IQ7A inverters.

Ask them to specify the Cert value. Installers get the Certs without connecting to the grid. Check with grid supplier if they are limiting your export. If replacing existing install no need to seek approval from grid.

@BrownBird, Growatt was founded in 2010, it’s impossible to have a Growatt inverter for more than 11 years. Are you mistaking Growatt for another brand?

Inverters - I would agree that Goodwe are better than Growatt but Fronius are a class above again. It’s very rare that anyone in commercial installations use either of the G’s. Fronius have been around forever and have a very good reputation
Panels - I’d go for JA or Risen. Seraphim are probably OK too. Q Cell are probably the best but I’m not convinced the extra cost is worth it. Note the SolarQuotes web site has a lot of good info.

My bad, it seems like 20 years. Installed in closing days of the NSW gov FIT .60c kWh so long ago, which is now $0.06c kWh…