Solar on a tiny house | Fronius vs Enphase

We have a tiny house and have managed to find a company that would provide us a quote:


They also thrown I’m a Fronius Smart Metre.

This comes to $4290

What do you think?

Also. They give me these choices for panels:

You can choose any brand like Seraphim, Jinko, Longi, Canadian solar, Risen, Suntech. Thanks

Hi Karl

It looks like a pretty good quote to me, and nice to have the Fronius Smart Meter.

When you say small house, is it going to be difficult to fit all the panels? If there are lots of different roof aspects, you might want to consider an Enphase inverter.

You can see the different reviews here:

That’s a lot of panels to compare, see a similar post here that ways up most of them: