Jinko vs Risen vs Canadian vs Trina Solar

Below quotes are for 6.6 kW solar panel system and 6 kW 3 phase inverter (Would you suggest 5 kW would be a better option?) Which offer shall I go for? I thank you all for your kind suggestion in advance.

OFFER: 1 (Premium package Monocrystalline panels with 3-phase Inverter)
Jinko 310W Monocrystalline + Perc
Growatt 6kw Inverter
21 panels ( 21 x 310 W= 6.5 kW)
Fully Installed price $4,250.00

OFFER: 2 (Standard package Monocrystalline panels with 3-phase Inverter)
RISEN 315W Monocrystalline + Perc
Growatt 6kw Inverter
21 panels ( 21 x 315 W= 6.6 kW)
Fully Installed price $3,600.00

OFFER: 3 (Gold package Polycrystalline panels with 3-phase Inverter)
Canadian 285W Polycrystalline
Growatt 6kw Inverter
23 panels ( 23 x 285 W= 6.55 kW)
Fully Installed price $3,150.00
For Fronius European Inverter it would be $1000 extra on the above quote.


  • Supply and install 6.6KW Solar system ( 20 X 330W TRINA SPLITMAX PANELS)
  • Supply and install 6KW Growatt 3 Phase inverter ( comes with WI FI)
  • Fully installed

Price = $3,300.

Hi Royritayan,

It’s always worth investing a little more for higher quality components when it comes to solar, take a look at our Best Solar Panel article to see the full list of panels to compare from. Below you’ll find details of the specific brands you’ve mentioned.

The Jinko panels are my pick of the bunch, Risen are also ok, but I wouldn’t go with the poly panels from Canadian, although Canadian Solar do offer a range of quality panels.

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What area are you in @royritayan?

See also:

Denham Court, Marty! Thanks!

Finally deciding to go with the following 7.5 kW solar system than 6.6 kW from Solar Power Nation:

23 x Risen Energy Co Ltd Risen 330W

Mono Perc Half Cut Panels Solar Panel 1 x (ABB) Power-One Italy S.p.A ABB 7.5TL - OUTD - 3 Phase Inverter

Installation price: $4050

Would you think this is a good deal and decent reputed products and retailer (Solar Power Nation)?

Thank you!

Hi @royritayan

It’s a pretty cheap system. Have you had a good look through the reviews of this company? I did a quick Google search and found a number of recent ones that were less than glowing let’s say.

Check out our Solar Power Sydney page

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Jinko keeps putting up really exciting new developments like this:

Great news. They just keep getting more efficient. I wonder what the panel efficiency will be using these cells? Possibly close to 21%

The big volume manufacturers are catching up to the Sunpower and LG IBC cell efficiency.