Jinko vs Trina | Melbourne VIC

I have received 2 solar quotes from 2 different companies.
My whole year average usage is 6 Kwh , only couple of winter months usage is 11kwh.
My area: Lynbrook, Victoria 3975.
Roof Type:Tile / 2 Storey.
Quotes are as follows:
Quote 1 from company Solar Dynamics:
System size quoted: 4.8kw
Solar Panels: 16 x Jinko 300 watt. Model JKM300M-60.
Solar Inverter : 5 Kw Fronius Primo.
Total System Cost: $5650 (Inc GST, Exclusing Solar Vic Rebate).
5 year workmanship warranty.

Quote 2 from company Space Solar:
System size quoted: 4kw
Solar Panels: 13 x 310 watt. Tier one Trina.(Honey M Plus).
Solar Inverter : Fronius Primo.
Total System Cost: $5600 (Inc GST, Exclusing Solar Vic Rebate).
10 year labour warranty on installation.

Your valuable feedback is much appreciated on these quotes which will help me finalise the deal, thanks.

Sizing and products are fine, you should do your research on the installers, that’s the most important thing. The system will produce far more solar than you need for consumption, but you’ll be paid for exporting the extra.


Solar Installers Melbourne

My apologies but Thanks for your valuable reply :blush:
Is there any reliable installer in Victoria you can suggest please

No worries. Actually we do have a few installers that we can recommend in Vic, here: https://www.cleanenergyreviews.info/solar-professionals.

We would like to build our trusted network of installers across Australia to make it easier for people to know who to use.

Thanks a ton Marty :blush:

Hi Guy’s,
Might have to relocate the business.
22 x 300w mono perc Jinko’s
Fronius 5.0.1 and Smart meter

$ 4,693

Kind regards

Den Thomson
Sales Manager
Down South Solar Power
Bunbury WA

Ps. That’s the lowest end system we do. and we have to compete with Fruit Bats selling crap solar.

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