Solar Quote Melbourne - 3171

Hi there everyone, apologies in advance if i am asking very obvious and silly questions. I am very new to solar and would like some help with your expertise as I am getting a range of different brands from installers around Melbourne.


  • Double Storey townhouse with no roof access, requiring scissor lift.
  • Dont think i will have any shading issues as my house is around 7m tall
  • Average daily usage ranges 5 ~ 13kWh during winter and summer.
  • On most days, no one is home in day time, most of our usage is mainly from washing machine+dryer/ dishwasher
  • Monthly bill for winter can go up to $200 a month
  • May consider an EV in next 5 years

I am looking to invest a mid range system and i am not quite sure how much i should be expecting for out of pocket.

I understand i may not save much since mainly at home in the night time, but i think if i can manage the electric usage to run in day time, at least half of my current usage can be reduced.
And of course i would like to have AC freedom during summer and nice warm house during winter mornings :stuck_out_tongue:

Quote 1: (Really too expensive imo)

Quote 2:

Qyote 3:

Quote 4:

Quote 5:

I have been offered other brands Risen panels and GoodWe inverters but it seems like the more popular choices are Trina/Jinko and Sungrow. Is there any recommendation other than Sungrow?

In addition to the quotes, as my house is a double storey with no roof access, i am worried about ongoing maintenance for the panels. Would there be much difference between Jinko & Trina brands?

Is it normal for the STC incentive to be different?

In all the quotes I have received, the placement of panels are all different. Is there any specific placement a house should install?

Thank so much in advance.


And a rough image of my roof:


It’s good that you have done your research and obtained many different quotes. The first quote is more expensive, but they offer the best inverter and panels and will no doubt do the best quality installation backed by 10-year workmanship warranty.

I would avoid quotes 2 and 3 since they offer very cheap Growatt inverters and dirt-cheap Seraphim panels. They are based in QLD, where are you located?

Quote 4 seems very reasonable and has good panels and inverter. Best value option.

Quote 5 isn’t bad but I’m not a big fan of Risen panels.

Hi @Svarky I am located in Melbourne.

Ok, I would go with quotes 1 or 4. Whichever you can afford

Did all the companies come and do a site visit to be sure there are no surprises?

Hi @Svarky

Only quote 1 came for site visit.

I am querying for site visits before installation as well even though it is extra charge.