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We have a quote for the following 4.725kW System, southeast suburbs, Melbourne

15 Seraphim Blade 315W panels
Sungrow 5kW inverter
Installed on flat roof, 2 storey with good access.
Price $6200 before state government rebate and loans.

After a site inspection it has been determined that it is impossible to run DC cable to switchboard area and there is no suitable location for external inverter. Micro inverters are the only option and the developer of building has already installed AC cabling from roof area to switchboard in preparation for Solar.

We have been quoted $2700 extra for upgrade to Enphase micro inverters. This seems excessive

What are your views on original quote and cost to upgrade to micro inverters?

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Hi Toms

Is that after STC rebates? $6200 seems a little dear for that system if so, and I’d say $9k for Seraphim and Enphase ~4.75kW seems high too. Have they added extra for safety and access? If it’s a tricky install, they might need a scissor lift or something, high can really jack up the price.

I’d be looking to compare quote on that, always good to do so anyway. Having to go with micros isn’t a bad thing, they’ll serve you well in the long run probably.

Hope that helps

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Hi Marty
Thanks for the reply. Price of $6200 is after stc rebates.

Install should be fairly straight forward. 2 stories. Access is via adjacent single story section. I assume the panels can be lifted via a ladder. No mention of requirement for scissor lift.

The building is only 1 year old and the builder has installed an A/C cable from the roof to the switchboard in preparation for solar. The whole install with micro inverters should be relatively easy.

I am getting additional quotes today.


Hi Toms,

I hope your Solar installers are going to use a Tilted Racking or you will only harvest approx. 4 hours of Peak energy, and that equates to 18kWh of energy if panels are installed Flat & not tilted.

According to this Solar calculator;

Thanks The Raptor, panels are to be installed on tilt racking. Can anyone suggest a good company in Melbourne. Am finding it difficult to get a quote. We are ready to go, rebate and loan approved. Just need a reasonable new quote that includes Enphase inverters.

Hi Toms. Try Solar Dynamics they do a great job