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Hi there,
Just seeking some advice on this quote
Roof has no shade
7.8kW SolarEdge optimised system, REC 325W Twin Peak 2 panels
This system should produce 32.8 kWh per day on an annual average.
1x SolarEdge SE6000H inverter
SolarEdge consumption/export monitoring for 3 phase
24 x REC 325W Twin Peak 2 panels + P370 SolarEdge Optimisers
Total out of pocket system price including GST $11,717.20 (after rebate)

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That looks like a pretty good system to me at a good price.

Some alternative highly rated solar installers from the web on the Northern Beaches:

  • Energy Culture | North Balgowlah NSW
  • Solarpro | Allambie Heights NSW
  • Lynton Electrical & Solar | Mosman NSW

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Solar Installers Sydney

Hi Marty,
I wasn’t sure what to think as I also got another quote for
9.57kWp system
29 x Q CELLS Q.MAXX 330W panels
Fronius Symo 8.2kW Dual Tracker
at price of $8990 (after rebate)

I thought the price difference was because of the optimisers, but I wasn’t sure because for a much cheaper price I get 29 x Q cell panels compared to 24 x REC panels.
Thanks Marty

Hi Chen
My choice would be the Q Cell Maxx package , the half cut cell .and the Fronius Symio 3 phase
Reasons: Cheaper yet Quality gears , Very simple & straight forward designs , just ensure the inverter comes with Data cards & possible to add the energy meter to measure compsumtion load , MPPT system is much easier to understand & trouble-shoot , you dont need the optimiser , & wish you a good experience
Cheers Solar Hybrid Solutions

Enphase IQ7 is the future and most effecient way to go. The micro inverters are a much simpler way to install. No Large inverter that can peak shave the systems output.

Generally speaking the panels should be about 25 to 30 percent larger than the traditional inverter. I have 6.2 kWp of panels and a 5kW inverter, it has peak shaved about 8 hours in the 2 months of use.

Had I understood what the difference in micro inverter VS panel optimization was before my install, I would have gone with Enphase micro inverter.

It is impossible to peak shave with the enphase. Since enphase essentially connects directly to the loads panal, it is far more easier/simpler to install, control and monitor.

The mounting and “hooking up” of the panels to the micro inverter or panel optimizer is the same, but the enphase doesn’t need the middle man, the inverter.

So consider the alternative. In 5 years it will probably be the only way to get solar anyway.

Hi Jason
thanks for your input.
Another company told me that the microinverters may not be reliable in the long term on our very hot aussie roofs as they are rated to work up to 65 degrees only. Also that the warranty is only 10 years. They favour optimisers as an alternative.
Just trying to wade through all the differing opinions

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My optimisers only have a 10 year warranty.

This company quoted SolarEdge - Inverter 12-year, extendable to 25-years & 25-years for the optimisers.

Hi @chen

It’s interesting that they have used that argument, considering there seems to be more concern in some quarters with the optimisers you mention on “very hot” (or humid perhaps) Aussie roofs. I’ll let you research that. I would personally be pretty happy with both of those products on my roof from a reliability point of view, although if I was in an area of extreme temperature I’d look pretty closely into it. I think Jason makes some pretty good points about Enphase though, there are some big fans of Enphase on this forum.

I’m interested in your point there @Jason_Carmichael. It’s not something I have heard before I don’t think, I thought that micro inverters shave in the same manner that string inverters do.

Interesting thread.


Each micro inverter does have its watt limit, true. But if the watt limit is the same as the panel it is connected to, well it won’t peak shave.

Wholesale solar(.Com) shows the warranty of the enphase iq7 and iq7+ as 25 years.

So, design how much kWp you want, both ways. Then consider the future. Adding panels to the enphase system is no problem. Just add one or a dozen, it does not matter. But adding panels to my inverter is impossible, it’s already maxed out. I have to get another inverter, then I can add more panels.

Hi Jason,
Is Wholesale solar(.Com) aussie based?
The warranty of the enphase microinverters might only be 10 years in Aust.
Longer in other places?

Yes, well I guess that’s the proviso for both types.

@chen, I think Jason is in the US, and yes currently I believe Enphase offers 25 years in the US and 10 years in Aus.

Hi Marty
Since all that talk of Enphase microinverters, I got another quote
30 x Q CELLS Q.MAXX 330W
Warranty 12yr Manufacturing (inc. Labour) + 25yr Performance
Inverter - 30 x Enphase IQ7+ 290W Micro Inverter
Free Enlighten Online Portal & app
Warranty 10 years
$11,990.00 (after rebate)
What do you think?
Thanks so much

If thats with a clean install I would kiss the ground whoever did it. if you have pics please share skyfusionconsulting@gmail <4

Hi Guys,
Enphase do clip the same as string inverters, this ok though as there are very few days this will happen. the larger panel wattage will help on cloudy days and in low light conditions like early morning and late evening. A good match for the IQ7+ is a 330w panel over the 295w Inverter. In Australia Enphase offer a full ten-year product warranty out of the box, with the ability to upgrade to a full 25yrs through Encare.
The USA is the only place Enphase has 25yrs out of the box, Australia is the only place offering the extension.
There are other Micros on the market, but that would be like comparing Zeversolar to Fronius. Enphase doesn’t have issues with major failure rates at all, in fact they’re better than other leading companies like Fronius. Personally I don’t sell SE for many reasons, one of which is if you wanted to buy 1970 GT Falcon (GT SHAKER) and the genuine one was a few hundred dollars more expensive than the pretender 1970 Falcon ( GT Faker ). Why would you by the Faker?

Kind Regards

Den Thomson
Down South Solar Power
Bunbury WA

Ps. That Quote you got for Enphase is really good you must be in WA where no one wants to make money. I could only just match that.