Solar Installers Selby VIC

My house is located in Selby/Vic and aligned basically N-S.
I’m looking to put panels mainly on the west roof or a combination of majority (16) on west and the rest (4) on east roof to catch some morning sun.

Quote 1
6.5kW Deluxe LG / Enphase solar system
Total Solar Solutions
20 x LG NeON 2 325W solar panels
20 x Enphase IQ7+ 295W Micro Inverters
1 x Enphase Envoy S-Meter
IP Rated Specialised Enphase Switchboard Enclosure
AUSNET pre-approval application fee for exceeding 5kW per phase inverter sizing limit (total of 5.9kW of inverter capacity)
PRICE:$13,225 (Inc STC)

Quote 2
6.6kW System
22x SolarEdge Smart Panels 300W
1x SolarEdge SE 500H Inverter
SE Energy Monitor 1P
PRICE $8,532.00 (inc STC)
(Upgrade to LG 333W Neon2 +$2660)

Quote 3
Metro Solar
5.18kW Longi 370W & Enphase IQ Microinverter system
14x 370W Longi Solar Modules
14x Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
1x Envoy Comms Gateway S Series
PRICE $7,250 (inc STC)

Hi Gerry

Interesting one, thanks for laying the quotes out nicely. I like that you are looking at optimisers/micros.

Quote 1 - I guess it comes down to why you are buying solar, but presuming you are somewhat interested in financial reasons, it seems like spending $13k+ would make your payback unnecessarily long.

Quote 2 and 3 is a toss up for me. I personally probably wouldn’t pay an extra $2.6k for the LGs don’t know much about the SolarEdge Smart Panels, but SolarEdge is a very respectable inverter manufacturer, I would presume they would team up with a decent panel manufacturer to build these.

Longi is liked reasonably well by installers in Australia, although it doesn’t make our top 10 list.

As always, the most important thing is that you are very confident with the installer/company that you are buying from. So if you are tossing up two, let that be the deciding factor, and ask the questions that I have put in the Guide to Buying Solar.


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