Solar Power Central Victoria

Hi all,

I have received the following quotes from a reputed central Vic installer

4.8 kw Suntech 300 W panels (x16) + Fronius 4.0 - $8690 (before rebate & STCs)

4.9 kw LG Neon 2 350 panels (x14) + Fronius 4.0 - $ 10246

I have tiled roof and require split arrangement.

Which one would you recommend?

Hi @Von, welcome, and good question.

This article might help you out

Essentially you are choosing between top of the line premium panels, and what we term as ‘value’ panels. This choice largely comes down to personal preference. Do you have the extra $1500 to spend? Would you normally pay an extra ~15% to get top of the range gear?

I would personally probably pay the extra money for the LG panels, because I think I would get $1500 worth of value for them in terms of performance, and reliability, and I generally like to spend more to get gear that I am super confident in. However, I would also feel very comfortable getting the Suntech panels. The alternatives seem to be priced fairly, so whichever way you go you aren’t being ripped off, or getting a ‘deal’.

I know that’s not a decisive answer, but I hope it helps.


I have been quoted the following in Central Victoria.
4.9kw LG 350 x14 panels + Fronius 4.0 for $9313 before any rebate/loan etc *originally quoted for $10246 in Sep 2019 but the installation didn’t happen due to delay in obtaining Fronius 4.0 inverter!)
4.55 kw REC 325 TP x14 panels + Fronius 4.0 for $8520.

Looking at some of the other quotes here I feel like I am getting ripped off here. Appreciate everyone’s input.


I need to relocate my business from WA



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6.6kW Lg Neon2 Blk Fronius 5 around 9,000
6.6kW Lg Neon2 Blk Enphase Micro’s south of 11,000

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I had a 4.5 Kw LG 350 x 15 panels installed two years ago, and the cost was $9,345.60 for all the equipment, plus $3,670.00 for the installation. This quote was from Sweet Spot Solar, with Dr. Michael Mehta as President and CEO. I highly recommend this business - E-mail:

Salmon Arm, BC

Is is not necessary that you drive a Rolls Royce. I got 6.615 kW Solar (21 Panels x 315 W) for
4,400.00 less Vic Govt rebate of 1,888.88.

The big question is why were LG quoted originally, a main reason for me to quote LG is lack of roof space. From the quoted sizes I assume the most panels you can fit is 14 in which case I would stick with LG. If roof space is a premium, it may be worth considering optimized such as solaredge or micro’s such as enphase and use all available roof spaces depending on you power requirements. I don’t think you are getting ripped off (not sure of Vic rebates) but in NSW that would be close to the mark, but expect a quality install with full commissioning and paperwork at end of job (which you should receive anyway, but corners get cut on cheap installs). True you don’t need a Rolls Royce, but if your planning on staying at this premise for many years the quality will pay for itself not only in system longevity but there will be a higher chance that the company will still exist to service your future needs.

Sorry, didn’t add GST in there so just another 10% on what’s been quoted. Original quote stands!