LG Neon 2 vs Sunpower Maxeon P Series


I have been quoted the following by two installers in Victoria:

4.9 kw LG 350 W panels x 14 + Fronius Primo or SMA Sunnyboy inverter for $10.3 k
5.1 Sunpower 320 W panels x 16 + Fronius Primo inverter for $8.6 k

Our household consumption is very minimal, average daily usage is 5-6 kWh in summer period, it’s even less in other times of the year.
My property is north facing with tiled roof.
Both installers have recommended putting panels on east and west sides

Which one I should go for?

Hey @Von

They both are top quality systems, so I’d have to say the SunPower one for better value.

Good news on low power usage, and good to hear. That’s the best way to save on power bills, and reduce carbon emissions. You’ll be able to export lots and sell some clean energy to your neighbours.