Solar Panel Installers Melbourne area

Hi There,

I’m looking at installing a 5kw solar panel setup at home.

I’ve done some research it and looks like LG and Sunpower are the best panels on the market with a Fronius Inverter.

Can you provide Solar Installers in Melbourne that supply and fit the above brands?



Hi @Philski_Phil

Yeah, good choices, you can’t go wrong with those brands. Most reputable installers should be able to get LG and Fronius for you (Sunpower can be a little harder).

We’ve got a few Melbourne installers listed on our website:

There was also someone in this topic below getting a Fronius and LG install in Melbourne. It might be worth checking with @Jelley how the install went, if it’s happened yet.

Hi @Philski_Phil and

I haven’t gone ahead with the install yet, will let you know when/if I do.


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We use froniis exclusively but the LG for a slight increase in efficiency is twice the cost of other panels such as Rec which is what we use